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Hot Hot Hot!!!

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The weakest of the three singles from Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me, "Hot Hot Hot!!!" also sounds the most dated the further listeners recede from the pop music scene of 1987. An oddly mainstream-sounding bid for traditional '80s dance-rock, complete with a rubbery bassline and a drum-heavy arrangement, "Hot Hot Hot!!!" sounds as much like the standard-issue dance-pop of the likes of Duran Duran as it does the Cure. Robert Smith's lyrics, which he delivers in something of a mumbled slur, are equally uninspired, a dopey set of lightning and fire images that neither make much literal sense nor sound particularly evocative the way that a lot of Smith's equally nonsensical verses can. Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me sounds like it was written and recorded in a transparent bid to finally break the Cure in the United States; while that newfound commercial focus did lead to some excellent tunes, "Hot Hot Hot!!!" sounds like it was written on the orders of the Elektra Records A&R department.

Appears On

Year Artist/Album Label Time AllMusic Rating
Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me 1987 Polydor
Mixed Up 1990 Polydor / Universal Music 7:03
No Image 1991 Elektra
Galore: The Singles 1987-1997 1997 Elektra 3:35
Galore: The Videos 1987-1997 2001 Universal Distribution
Bestival Live 2011 2011 PIAS 3:34
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