Small Faces

Here Comes the Nice

Composed by Ronnie Lane / Steve Marriott

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1960’s Brit-Mods, The Small Faces included this druggy ditty on There Are But Four Small Faces (1968) -- the quartet’s first long player for Andrew Loog Oldham’s Immediate Records label. With a dash of psychedelia and baroque rock, the band hail and laud the pusher man -- known in hip circles as “The Nice” for his chemically-fuelled mind and body altering wares. They make no pretences in their affection for the dealer, whom Steve Marriott heralds as “the man who’s gonna teach you all he can”. In fact, right out of the gate, Marriott practically deifies the Nice with the lines “Here come the nice lookin' so good/He makes me feel like no one else could/He knows what I want, he's got what I need/He's always there if I need some speed”. This fairly straight forward amphetamine anthem continues “Here come the nice lookin' so cool/Everyone knows the nice is no fool/He'll bring you up and show you around/He's always there when your feet hit the ground”, even going so far as to idolize in the chorus “I'd be just like him, if I only could”. In the context of the hippy dippy 1960s, “Here Come The Nice” can be taken at face value of innocent naivety and on that level is nothing more than a fun, mid-tempo tongue-in-cheek bit of bad boy naughtiness. However, as the ‘60s turned into the ‘70s, it became increasingly evident that the lyrics were much more insidious as an entire generation ground to a screeching halt in the wake of a multitude of drug casualties who began to drop out of society, or worse yet inadvertently kill themselves with self-medication.

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