Alice in Chains

Hate to Feel

Composed by Layne Staley

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Like its album partner "Junkhead," "Hate to Feel" shows Alice in Chains in woozy, murkily descending riff mode, taking its time to grind down into the ground. But there's a sudden contrast between verses and choruses, with choppy, confrontational riffing matched by equally in-your-face vocals from Layne Staley, shifting from wallowing to command and back again. If the mode of the verses is almost obsessively claustrophobic, a downward slide with no escape, it's performed very well, the rhythm section almost sounding like it's stumbling along without ever actually making a mistake. Jerry Cantrell's performance in both styles makes for good listening though the choruses actually let more of his ability come forward, both on guitar and in supporting harmony vocals for Staley. The near-constant theme on Dirt about drugs, specifically heroin, doesn't disappear here: "Used to be curious, now the shit's sustenance."

Appears On

Year Artist/Album Label Time AllMusic Rating
Dirt 1992 Columbia 0:43
Music Bank 1999 Columbia 5:16
Jar of Flies/Facelift/Dirt 2001 Columbia 0:43
The Essential Alice in Chains 2004 Legacy / Columbia/Legacy 5:16
Dirt/MTV Unplugged 2006 Epic / Sony BMG 0:43
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