Frank Zappa

Galoot Up-Date

Composed by Frank Zappa

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"Galoot Up-Date" is actually Frank Zappa's song "The Blue Light," first released in 1980 on the album Tinseltown Rebellion. For Thing-Fish, four years later, it has been completely re-recorded with new lyrics, except for key anchor points. The original set of lyrics did not make much sense -- a trail of thoughts that verged on automatic writing -- and this new one barely ups the ante. Zappa's spoken bits in the 1980 version are replaced by Thing-Fish's (Ike Willis) tale. You learn that the prisoners infected by the "galoot cologne" who mutated into "mammy nuns" were all paroled at the same time. It was impossible for them to find work, but it turned out they were practically indestructible.

The character's speech is a lot more lengthy and covers up parts of the music. Consequently, the song is less powerful than the original version. The way Zappa tried to tie up with the last part of the original lyrics (around cheap horror movies) is almost ludicrous, forcing a huge change of subject from the main character.

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Year Artist/Album Label Time AllMusic Rating
Thing-Fish 1984 Zappa Records 5:27
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