Miles Davis

Freddie Freeloader

Composed by Miles Davis

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“Freddie Freeloader”, like much of Kind of Blue is a study of rhythmic and melodic simplicity. Davis states the opening theme, then the musicians take it in turns to improvise, in the most gentile and understated way. It’s really a joy to hear pianist Wynton Kelly playing with this economy, and indeed Coltrane’s saxophone solo mid-way through is a revelation. The melody is incredibly simple, and so is much of the playing, but it’s effect is extraordinarily beautiful. As with many of Miles Davis’ albums, it is hard to dissimilate the work track by track, and it’s necessary to see “Freddie Freeloader” as an ‘answer’ to the preceding “&So What”.

Appears On

Year Artist/Album Label Time AllMusic Rating
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Kind of Blue 1959 Sony Music
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Milestones/Kind of Blue 1994 Sony Music Distribution 9:33
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