Everyday Is Like Sunday

Composed by Morrissey / Stephen Street

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It is, Morrissey has mused, one of life's great mysteries why so many people have covered "Everyday Is Like Sunday", without ever quite understanding what the song is really about. Not that he has ever been at all forthcoming on the subject, but among the many guesses hazarded in that direction, the comparison between a British seaside town in the winter, closed apart from a few hardy beachwalkers, and the absence of life following a nuclear disaster, is at least borne out by a superficial reading of the lyric.

As for the song's grip upon everybody who hears it, of course, there really is no mystery there. Quite simply, it is one of the loveliest songs Morrissey (with producer Stephen Street ever wrote, a lushly orchestrated, deeply melodic and stirringly arranged piece, its very chord sequence drenched in nostalgia for a lost world - for British viewers of a certain age, the accompanying video is riddled with reference points to the late-season holidays of their own youths. The mood that the song conjures, however, is clearly universal - Americans Chrissie Hynde and Natalie Merchant are numbered among the song's admirers, with the latter's interpretation less-than-kindly immortalized in the Morrissey b-side "Have A Go Merchant".

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