Billy Squier

Everybody Wants You

Composed by Billy Squier

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"The Stroke" was the bigger hit, but Billy Squier's first single from his follow-up album, "Everybody Wants You," has the better riff. A piledriving unison riff (three guitars and the bass are playing exactly the same chords throughout) that manages to be hard-rocking and funky at the same time, this is a riff that's screaming to be co-opted by the likes of Puff Daddy or Smash Mouth. Add to this mighty riff one of Billy Squier's most appealingly bratty vocals -- every line is delivered in a disdainful whine -- and a sleekly new wave-oriented production featuring just-so synths and a particularly glossy, shiny arrangement, and "Everybody Wants You" is an apotheosis of commercial hard rock circa 1983.

Appears On

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Various Artists
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