Everybody Hurts

Composed by Bill Berry / Michael Stipe / Mike Mills / Peter Buck

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Perhaps R.E.M’s most popular and successful song, “Everybody Hurts” has become a modern rock classic, and it’s easy to see why. The song is built around a slow, chiming guitar figure – it’s simple, direct and very moving. Musically, the song is rather unconventional, especially in the bridge section, yet the melody is logical and almost hymnal in it’s rise and fall. What makes the song outstanding, however, is Michael Stipe’s vocal and lyric. Unusually for Stipe, the song’s sentiment is not hidden behind pseudo-poetic ramblings, instead he sings “When you think you’ve had too much of this life, well hang on/Don’t let yourself go, everybody cries, everybody hurts sometimes” with delicacy and tenderness. The lyric may be the finest of Stipe’s career, it’s certainly the most beautiful. A hugely popular song, “Everybody Hurts” succeeds in being heart-warming and ethereal, and without question one of R.E.M’s greatest moments.

Appears On

Year Artist/Album Label Time AllMusic Rating
Automatic for the People 1992 Concord / Universal 5:20
Everybody Hurts 1993 Warner Bros. 4:59
What's Up, Vol. 2: More Greatest Rock Hits of the 90's 1994
Various Artists
Warner Music 4:57
Parallel [Video] 1995 Warner Reprise Video
Road Movie 1996 Warner Reprise Video
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Diana, Princess of Wales: Tribute 1997
Various Artists
Columbia / Sony Music Distribution 4:58
No Image 1997
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The Great Beyond 2000 Warner Bros. 6:23
Burning Hearts, Vol. 1 2000
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No Image 2001 Warner Bros.
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Ultimate Rock Ballads Collection [Warner Music] 2004
Various Artists
WEA International 5:16
Pure Power Ballads 2004
Various Artists
Dynamic Music & Media / Pure Records 5:12
iTunes Originals: R.E.M. 2004 R.E.M. 5:18
Bewitched 2005
Original Soundtrack
Columbia / Sony Music Distribution 5:17
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No Image 2006
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No Image 2007
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No Image 2008
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Now That's What I Call Music: 25 Years 2008
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