Fleetwood Mac


Composed by Stevie Nicks

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Other than being Fleetwood Mac's only number one song, "Dreams" has the distinction of being one of six Top Ten singles from the renowned Rumours album while becoming one of the strongest vocal efforts from Stevie Nicks since her induction with Lindsey Buckingham in 1975. Rumours solidified Fleetwood Mac's transition from blues to pop/rock with some of the most well-crafted songs ever to emerge in rock & roll's modern era, with the mesmerizing allure of "Dreams" leading the way. "Dreams" was the first song from Rumours to expose Nicks' supernatural air, her enchanting and mysterious vocal blanketing, and, above all, the range of her placid but mood-enhancing voice. 1976's "Rhiannon" introduced her beguiling demeanor as a song about a seductive witch, but "Dreams" was more abstract, more conceptual, and more mature-sounding, with a smoother instrumental flow leading up to the song's climbing progression. Mick Fleetwood's cymbal crashes are timed perfectly to emulate thunder while John McVie's bass steadies the classic "bum, bum-bum" pace. Wonderfully dark and stormy, "Dreams" huddles closely to Stevie Nicks' character as both musically captivating and lyrically philosophical, the sparkling jewel in Rumours' crown.

Appears On

Year Artist/Album Label Time AllMusic Rating
Rumours 1977 Rhino / Warner Bros. 4:17
No Image 1977
Various Artists
Warner Bros.
Tusk 1979 Rhino / Warner Bros. 4:14
Fleetwood Mac Live 1980 Warner Bros. / Reprise 4:18
No Image 1987 Warner Reprise Video / Warner Bros.
Greatest Hits [Warner Bros.] 1988 4:14
Sounds of the Seventies: 1977 1990
Various Artists
Time/Life Music 4:15
Selections from 25 Years: The Chain 1992 WEA International 4:16
Heart Rock, Vol. 6 1994
Various Artists
BMG / Media Records
Only Rock 'N Roll 1975-1979: 20 Pop Hits 1995
Various Artists
JCI Associated Labels
No Image 1996
Various Artists
Mellow Rock Hits of the '70s: Summer Breeze 1997
Various Artists
Rhino 4:17
No Image 1997 Warner Bros. 4:20
The Dance 1997 Reprise 4:39
Dance [Video] 1997 Reprise 4:39
No Image 1998 Rhino
Soft Rock Classics [Rhino Box] 1998
Various Artists
Rhino 4:17
The Very Best of Fleetwood Mac [Reprise] 2002 Rhino / Warner Music 4:16
Ultimate Seventies: 1977 2003
Various Artists
Time/Life Music 4:15
Live in Boston [Video] 2004 Warner Bros. / Warner Music Vision 4:28
Live in Boston 2004 Reprise 4:28
Disco Fever, Vol. 1-4 2007
Various Artists
Time/Life Music 4:15
The Very Best of Fleetwood Mac [Rhino] 2009 Rhino / Warner Bros. 4:16
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