Detroit Rock City

Composed by Bob Ezrin / Paul Stanley

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When Kiss teamed up with Alice Cooper producer Bob Ezrin, they produced one the group's finest albums, Destroyer. This classic album represented a quantum leap in both songwriting and production style for Kiss, changes that are both fully represented on the album's epic opening cut, "Detroit Rock City." The lyrics differed from the group's usual "party-hearty" fare by putting an emphasis on tragic drama. Paul Stanley took his inspiration for the song's doomy scenario from a real-life incident where one of Kiss' fans died in a car accident while on the way to one of the group's concerts: "Twelve o'clock, I gotta rock/There's a truck ahead, light starin' at my eyes/Whoa, my God, no time to turn/I gotta laugh 'cause I know I'm gonna die/Why?" Despite this gloomy subject, the song still manages to evoke a strong anthemic pull on its chorus: "Get up, everybody's gonna move their feet/Get down, everybody's gonna leave their seat/You gotta lose your mind in Detroit Rock City!" The music adds plenty of energy to enhance its fate-driven narrative, balancing verse melodies that bounce high and low in a syncopated style with an authoritative chorus that plays out in a chant-like style. Kiss' recording of "Detroit Rock City" gives the song a complex arrangement that pushes it into the cinematic realm: Peter Criss anchors the song with a jazzy, fast-paced shuffle beat while Ace Frehley and Stanley lay down monolithic power chords that are fleshed out by a fluid, melodic bass line from Gene Simmons. There are also a few solo breaks where Frehley and Stanley get to show off their twin-guitar harmonies, the best being the Spanish-flavored guitar break at the song's midpoint. Ezrin adds the final dramatic touches by adding a radio report intro, sprinkling car sound effects throughout, and doubling the song's power chords on the piano. This complex arrangement made "Detroit Rock City" a powerhouse epic that could stand up to the most intricate rock tunes of the day. It failed to chart when released as a single (the hit went to the B-side, "Beth"), but "Detroit Rock City" became an enduring part of the Kiss live show and remains a favorite with the group's fans. It has also been covered more than once, the most unique rendition being a horn-laden ska version by the Mighty Mighty Bosstones.

Appears On

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