Missing Persons

Destination Unknown

Composed by Missing Persons / Terry Bozzio / Warren Cuccurullo

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"Destination Unknown" sounds the least dated of all of Missing Persons' hits, most likely because it was their most melodically satisfying song. The fact that it's also Dale Bozzio's least mannered vocal performance, with none of her trademark hiccups, helps considerably as well. Her helium-pitched voice ? Dale Bozzio sang like a new wave Betty Boop ? keeps this song firmly in the Missing Persons tradition, but the low-key backing vocals by her male bandmates on the chorus are a nice touch. The lyrics are typically lightweight, your basic high school-level musings on alienation by someone who has just learned the word "existential" but is unclear about what it actually means, but Ken Scott's light-handed production and nice touches like the staccato programmed drum fills on the chorus make it pleasant on the ear regardless.

Appears On

Year Artist/Album Label Time AllMusic Rating
Spring Session M 1982 Capitol 3:40
Color in Your Life 1986 One Way Records 3:20
The Best of Missing Persons [1987] 1987 Capitol/EMI Records / Capitol 3:35
Surrender Your Heart 1991 Pioneer
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Various Artists
Priority Records
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EMI Music Distribution 3:40
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Various Artists
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Awesome '80s, Vol. 2 1999
Various Artists
Platinum Disc 3:34
Edge of 17 1999
Original Soundtrack
Razor & Tie 3:35
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This Is Rave-Electro 2007
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Cleopatra 4:57
Ultimate 80s [Sonoma]
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