Peter Murphy

Cuts You Up

Composed by Paul Statham / Peter Murphy

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The first single drawn from Peter Murphy's third solo album, 1990's Deep, "Cuts You Up" was described by Murphy himself as having "a very driving, acoustic quality to it and lots of sort of hooky, melodic overtones to it with a not-so-straight lyric" -- which just about sums it up. According to producer Simon Rogers, Murphy brought the song to the sessions in more-or-less its final form -- "It was pretty much exactly like the demo." Murphy had even visualized the haunting violin part that runs through the performance, inserting a sample, and Rogers wryly recalled, "we thought it would be bliss if someone actually played that line. We got a really great viola player in to do it -- and it was shit. He played it great, but it didn't sound as good as the sample. It didn't have that atmosphere -- it was too moody." The sample, on the other hand, had an almost celebratory air to it, matching the song's triumphant edge, and was retained for the finished release. "Cuts You Up" wound up becoming Murphy's most successful release yet, reaching number 55 on the U.S. chart, selling over 250,000 copies in just three weeks. In addition, excellent live versions of the song appear on the B-side of "You're So Close" (1992, recorded in 1990) and on 2001's Alive Just for Love album.

Appears On

Year Artist/Album Label Time AllMusic Rating
Deep 1989 WEA 5:27
Billboard Top Modern Rock Tracks 1990 1990
Various Artists
Rhino 5:27
Deafening Divinities with Aural Affinities: The Beggars Banquet Collection 1993
Various Artists
Beggars Banquet
Maxi Music 1994
Various Artists
SPG 5:25
You're So Close 1995 RCA
Rock the First, Vol. 10 1996
Various Artists
DCC Compact Classics 5:27
Before X 1997
Various Artists
Intersound 5:26
Sanctuary [MCA] 1998
Various Artists
MCA 5:27
Wild Birds 1985-1995: The Best of the Beggars Banquet Years 2000 Beggars Banquet 4:57
No Image 2000 Beggars Banquet
No Image 2000
Various Artists
Priority Records
Wild Birds: Three Songs [Promo] 2000 PM Media 4:58
Alive Just for Love 2001 Metropolis 5:17
Life Less Lived: The Gothic Box 2006
Various Artists
Rhino 5:27
80's Box: The Ultimate Compilation Of Eighties Hits 2009
Various Artists
Music Brokers 4:56
Mix 80's, 90's y Más 2011
Various Artists
Sony Music Distribution 5:00
Wild Birds Live Tour 2016 Cleopatra 5:58
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