Tommy James & the Shondells

Crimson and Clover

Composed by Peter Lucia / Tommy James

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Having participated in the creative process with producers Bo Gentry and Ritchie Cordell, Tommy James & the Shondells were ready to take the recording studio reigns with no outside help and generate psychedelia beyond the subtleties of "Mirage." Recorded and released in 1968 it was the only one of James' 16 additional chart hits to equal the number one position of his first smash, "Hanky Panky." This magical song was covered by Elijah Blue and his mom, Cher, for a 1999 film, A Walk on the Moon, but it was Joan Jett who brought it Top Ten in 1982 -- her second biggest hit following "I Love Rock & Roll." James contemporary Tommy Roe also cut a version, but perhaps the most surprising "cover" is the underground tune the pop star may have inspired. Dave Thompson's book Beyond the Velvet Underground prints a 1976 quote from Lou Reed that he thinks the 1969 live album was the first time the Velvet Underground performed "Sweet Jane." Could it be that Lou Reed's garage rock classic, which influenced hundreds -- maybe thousands -- of bands, was itself derived from Tommy James & the Shondells? Just listen to the riff. The five-minute-and-26-second-long version, written by drummer Peter Lucia and James, often found itself on hit radio without those "amputations" Reed complained about, another amazing achievement by this clever and timeless nugget from the days of Sgt. Pepper and Satanic Majesties. During Christmastime 1968 when this song was topping the charts, some listeners asked if he was singing "Christmas is over" when the tremolo effect kicks in on the voice towards the end of the tune. The guitars, drums, keys, and voices unite and dazzle over a trancelike tempo, resulting in a song and performance for the ages.

Appears On

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