Cosmic Wheels

Composed by Donovan

Song Review by

The title track from his underrated 1972 Cosmic Wheels album, this song finds Donovan continuing his search for musical maturation and enlightenment with fabulous results. A strong autobiographical song, it shows the author taking a good long look at his own mortality and journey at the dawn of "the me decade." A strong folk-rock groove propels the track, finding the author still in love with rock & roll.

Appears On

Year Artist/Album Label Time AllMusic Rating
Cosmic Wheels 1973 Sony Music Distribution
Troubadour 1979 Prism Platinum
The Classics Live 1991 Synergie 3:57
Troubadour: The Definitive Collection 1964-1976 1992 Sony Music Distribution
Live in Concert 1992 QED
Performance 1997 Beacon Records (Rock) / Beacon Records
Greatest Hits: Acoustic Live 1997 Laserlight / Delta Distribution 4:10
Love Is Hot, Truth Is Molten 1998 Raven 4:00
Cosmic Wheels [Mastertone] 1998 Mastertone 4:12
Super Hits 2000 Sony Music Distribution / Sbme Special Mkts. 4:02
Rising Again 2001 Pilot / Pilot 3:42
Colours [Music Deluxe] 2001 Music Deluxe (UK) 3:56
Atlantis 2002 Megaworld (England)
Great Donovan 2003 Rajon Entertainment Pty Ltd. 4:03
Cosmic Wheels/Essence to Essence 2004 Diablo (UK)
Collections 2006 BMG / Sony BMG 4:20
Sunshine Superman: The Journey of Donovan 2008 SPV
Live Troubadour 2009 The Great American Music Company 3:42
The  Best of Live Jagged Halo / Artful Records 3:40
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