Thin Lizzy

Cold Sweat

Composed by Eric Sykes / John Sykes / Phil Lynott

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The arrival of new guitarist John Sykes had filled Thin Lizzy leader Philip Lynott with a new sense of enthusiasm, and their first collaboration, "Cold Sweat," represented all the renewed drive and energy which had helped make 1983's Thunder and Lightning Lizzy's most cohesive and vital-sounding record since the late '70s. With its tough riffs and pounding drums, the song was about as close to straightforward heavy metal as Thin Lizzy ever got, but its lyrics were vintage Lynott storytelling, delving into bad habits and mob connections ("I put my money in a suitcase, and headed for the big race/Stone cold sober and stone cold sweat running down the back of my neck/To lose means trouble, to win pays double and I got me a heavy bet"). But although Thunder and Lightning also proved to be the band's best-charting effort since 1979's Black Rose, "Cold Sweat" just barely managed to scrape the U.K. Top 30 when it was released a month ahead of the album in February 1983. And sadly, this was not enough to ensure Thin Lizzy's comeback, as the band soon announced their plans to break up at the end of the Thunder and Lightning tour. "Cold Sweat" would also feature in that year's tour-retrospective Life double live album, and was later covered by numerous metal bands, including Helloween and Sodom.

Appears On

Year Artist/Album Label Time AllMusic Rating
Thunder and Lightning 1983 Universal 3:10
Wild One: The Very Best of Thin Lizzy 1996 Polygram / Island/Def Jam / Vertigo / Virgin EMI 3:07
One Night Only 2000 CMC International / Sanctuary Records 3:30
Vagabonds Kings Warriors Angels 2002 Universal International 3:09
Long Live Rock N Roll 2003
Various Artists
Steamhammer 3:06
Greatest Hits 2004 Universal Music
Live and Dangerous [DVD] 2006 Classic Rock Legends
Thunder & Lighting Tour 2006 100th Monkey / Kelso / Legends In Concert
No Image 2006 Waterfall Records
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