The Zombies

Brief Candles

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A true piece of songwriting genius. Chris White's ability as a writer had been steadily improving over the Zombies' career, and this can be seen as a sort of culmination. The verses are another cameo of melancholy, describing feelings of a couple falling out of love. After these minor-key excursions, the song bursts into a major-key chorus filled with joy, hope, and a sense of resolve. The song also has (for the Zombies) an extended, slightly psychedelic instrumental/choral section, which takes the listener happily into the ozone.

Appears On

Year Artist/Album Label Time AllMusic Rating
Odessey and Oracle 1968 Varèse Sarabande 3:31
Time of the Zombies 1973 Epic
Zombie Heaven 1997 Big Beat Records 3:31
The EP Collection 2001 See For Miles Records 3:28
Odessey and Oracle: 40th Anniversary Live Concert 2008 Red House Records 3:40
Odessey & Oracle: The CBS Years 1967-1969 2011 Repertoire 3:30
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