Creedence Clearwater Revival

Born on the Bayou

Composed by John Fogerty

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For a guy who was born and raised in Northern California, John Fogerty has long had a potent infatuation with the sounds and images of the deep South, and if the Louisiana swamp water that dominated so many of his songs was mostly a product of his imagination, that doesn't make it seem any less vivid, or any less powerful, within the context of his work. "Born on the Bayou" was the first song on Creedence Clearwater Revival's second album, Bayou Country, and as the opening wash of feedback, buzzing like a cicada, gave way to the slow throb of Fogerty's reverb-soaked guitar, the music seemed to immediately carry the listener to a place most rock & roll of the period didn't dare to go. At a time when most rock musicians (and the youth culture in general) were becoming increasingly uneasy with many traditional aspects of American culture, Fogerty embraced a mythic version of the American South that was both troubling and compelling, and "Born on the Bayou" offered a taste of life in Cajun country which was dark and forbidding, but also fascinating and not without its rewards. In a world where many young people felt like outsiders in their own country, Fogerty painted a picture of a place in America where father and son stood in opposition to "the man," determined to make what they could of their lives along the waterline with its attendant dangers and beauties, and if our narrator sometimes wished he could hop a train to New Orleans, he was just as likely to daydream of making his way back home and "rollin' with some Cajun queen." The steady, insistent pulse of "Born on the Bayou" is as unstoppable as the flow of the river, with Doug Clifford's percussion lending a simple but demanding rhythm that meshed perfectly with the casual resonance of John Fogerty and Tom Fogerty's guitars, and the raspy growl of John's voice marries the strength of a young man with the hard-won wisdom of his father. "Born on the Bayou was an ambitious start to an ambitious album and it set the stage almost perfectly for John Fogerty's rich journey into the heart of the American Southern myth.

Appears On

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