George Clinton / Ice Cube

Bop Gun (One Nation)

Composed by Garry Shider / George Clinton / Walter "Junie" Morrison

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Gangsta rapper and big-screen actor Ice Cube updates George Clinton's dope as new Iverson's kicks "One Nation Under a Groove," with rhythmic West Coast raps that he unleashes with the coolness and sureness of a guy that wakes up rhyming to the alarm clock going off. The title says "Bop Gun" too, but this is 99.9 percent "One Nation," and Cube simply flows with the ultra-tight groove. From George Clinton's Greatest Funkin' Hits CD (1996) on Capitol Records.

Appears On

Year Artist/Album Label Time AllMusic Rating
Lethal Injection 1993 Priority Records 11:05
The Greatest Funkin' Hits 1996 Capitol/EMI Records / Capitol 4:47
Featuring...Ice Cube 1997 Priority Records 4:50
Nuthin' but a Gangsta Party 2000
Various Artists
Priority Records
Greatest Hits 2001 Priority Records 4:47
G Party 2003
Various Artists
Priority Records / Capitol 4:47
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