KC & the Sunshine Band

Boogie Shoes

Composed by Richard Finch

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This simple but charming pop-soul ditty began its life as an album track on KC & The Sunshine Band but ended up taking on a life of its own. The frothy lyrics of "Boogie Shoes" use the urge to dance as a metaphor for the giddiness of new love: "Girl to be with you is my favorite thing/And I can’t wait ‘til I see you again/I wanna put on, my-my-my-my-my boogie shoes." The music sets up the simple lyric with a relaxed but catchy melody, contrasting gently swinging verses that slowly build a head of steam with a joyful sing-along chorus built on the insidious stuttering hook that underlines the phrase "my-my-my-my-my boogie shoes." KC & The Sunshine Band’s recording of "Boogie Shoes" gives the song an amiable, shuffling groove that is pepped up with some drawling horn riffs and scratching J.B.’s-styled rhythm guitar. Harry Wayne Casey tops the gentle groove off with a slick yet soulful vocal that is fleshed out with some judicious backup vocals on the chorus to enhance its sing-along feel. The result is a charming little tune that represents the group’s sound at its most poppy. "Boogie Shoes" originally was just an album track but it got an unexpected commercial revival when it was licensed to appear on the soundtrack of Saturday Night Fever. This unexpected renaissance led to a belated single release of "Boogie Shoes" that gave KC & The Sunshine Band a top-40 hit. It periodically appears on soul music oldies stations today and frequently appears on KC & The Sunshine Band compilations.

Appears On

Year Artist/Album Label Time AllMusic Rating
No Image 1974 Rhino
KC and the Sunshine Band 1975 Rhino 2:12
No Image 1977
Various Artists
Paramount Records
No Image 1978
Various Artists
K-Tel Distribution
No Image 197? Jayboy
Greatest Hits, Vol. 1 1980 Hollywood
The Best of KC and the Sunshine Band 1990 Rhino 2:12
Best of KC & The Sunshine Band [EMI] 1990 EMI Music Distribution
Mega Hits Dance Classics, Vol. 13 1993
Various Artists
Priority Records 2:11
Great 70's Dance Grooves 1995
Various Artists
Sony Music Distribution 2:09
The Best of KC & the Sunshine Band [Rhino 1995] 1995 Rhino 2:12
High Energy, Vol. 2 1997
Various Artists
K-Tel Distribution 2:12
No Image 1997 Rhino
Boogie Nights, Vol. 2 1998
Original Soundtrack
Capitol/EMI Records / Capitol 2:09
Live: Get Down Tonight 1998 CEMA Special Markets 3:31
Let's Party 1998 EMI Music Distribution 2:13
Dance Remixes 1998 Rhino 3:37
The Very Best of KC & the Sunshine Band 1999 EMI Music Distribution 2:11
25th Anniversary Edition 1999 Rhino 2:10
Pop Complete 1999
Various Artists
EMI Music Distribution
Best of KC & the Sunshine Band [Disky] 1999 Phantom Import Distribution
VH1 Behind the Music: The KC & the Sunshine Band Collection 2001 Rhino 2:10
Shake Your Booty 2001 Music Deluxe (UK) 2:12
Ultimate Dance Grooves [Madacy] 2001
Various Artists
Madacy 2:12
1978: Where Were You? 2002
Various Artists
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Totally Movies 2002
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Get Down Tonight: Greatest Hits Live 2003 Intersound 3:28
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Immortal 2:50
Top of the Pops: 1978 2007
Various Artists
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Top of the Pops Collection [43 CD] 2008
Various Artists
The TK Years 2009 EMI Music Distribution 2:19
Flashback with KC & the Sunshine Band 2011 Rhino 2:12
We Love the Nightlife 2012
Various Artists
Time/Life Music 2:17
100 Hits: 70s Classics 2012
Various Artists
100 Hits / Demon Music Group 2:12
Ultimate KC & the Sunshine Band: 15 Original Hits 2014 Green Hill / Green Hill Music 2:10
No Image 2016
Original Soundtrack
Sony Music
(Shake, Shake, Shake) Shake Your Booty/Boogie Rhino 2:10
No Image
Various Artists
Mixed Repertoire 2:10
Essential EMI Gold / EMI Music Distribution 2:15
Get Down Tonight: The Disco Explosion [DVD Audio]
Various Artists
Shout! Factory
Live Brilliant 3:28
Original Hits: 70s Pop
Various Artists
EMI Gold
Rhino Hi-Five: Chart Hits: Disco
Various Artists
Rhino 2:12
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