John Lee Hooker

Boogie Chillen'

Composed by John Lee Hooker

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The riff that launched a million songs, "Boogie Chillen" turned all the guitar players loose, each proffering their own brand of boogie after John Lee Hooker stormed to the top of the R&B charts with this crude little piece of Delta blues in 1948. The original was nothing more than Hooker, his electric guitar cranked right up, and his foot stomping away keeping the beat. Over a repeated monochord riff, Hooker made the original mold that all guitar players followed with. Most successful of all was Junior Parker, recording for the Memphis Sun label under the sobriquet of Little Junior's Blue Flames. Parker's "Feelin' Good" was a cover version, changing the tune just enough to skirt the issue of copyright and, in turn, spawning its own set of offshoot covers (Magic Sam, James Cotton) and sound-alike numbers including Sammy Lewis' "Feel So Worried," Slim Green and the Cats from Fresno's "Old Folks Boogie," and Parker's own "Feel So Bad." The tune had further legs into the hippie era, when the blues-rock group Canned Heat adapted the riff for their own "Fried Hockey Boogie." ZZ Top also appropriated a large part of it for "La Grange," their version of the riff being lifted from Norman Greenbaum's "Spirit in the Sky." As for the originator, Hooker cut several answer records to his own big hit, recorded with everyone from Canned Heat to Bonnie Raitt, making sure that no one forgot to boogie in the years to come.

Appears On

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