Moby Grape

Bitter Wind

Composed by Bob Mosley

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One of Bob Mosley's finest early period compositions, "Bitter Wind" graced Moby Grape's initial repertoire. It's a beautifully written ballad that uses the metaphor of nature trees and wind to illustrate a man's depression. It's deeply affecting and has a strong spiritual quality to it. Musically, it has a strong, folk base to it, but -­ as always ­- Mosley's soul and R&B roots show through. A fabulous early version (which is completely different) is available on the Vintage anthology. The standard release is also on this collection, as well as the Wow album.

Appears On

Year Artist/Album Label Time AllMusic Rating
Moby Grape 1967 Sundazed 2:50
Wow/Grape Jam 1968 CBUJ Distribution / San Francisco Sound 1:59
No Image 1973 Columbia
No Image 1993 Sony Music Distribution 3:07
No Image 2004 Columbia / Sony Music Distribution 3:07
Listen My Friends! The Best of Moby Grape 2007 Columbia/Legacy 2:40
The Place and the Time 2009 Sundazed
Historic Live Moby Grape Performances 1966-1969 2010 Sundazed 1:47
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