Mario Lanza

Because You're Mine

Composed by Nicholas Brodszky / Sammy Cahn

Appears On

Year Artist/Album Label Time AllMusic Rating
No Image 1964 RCA Victor
Mario Lanza - The Legendary Tenor 1987 Broken Audio 1:57
Nipper's Greatest Hits: The 50's, Vol. 2 1990
Various Artists
RCA 3:34
No Image 1992 Nota Blu
Your Hit Parade: The '50s Pop Revival 1993
Various Artists
Time/Life Music
The Virtuoso Collection 1995 Newsound
With a Love Song in My Heart: The Love Collection 1996 RCA Camden
The Platinum Collection 1996 Start 1:57
Love Songs by Mario Lanza 1997 Ranwood Records 3:34
Platinum Collection: The Greatest Songs of All Time 1997
Various Artists
Start 1:55
No Image 1999 The Entertainers (Italy)
Live at Hollywood Bowl: Historical Recordings (1947 & 1951) 2000 Gala Records 2:31
Ultimate Collection 2001 Ultimate Music Collection 1:53
Because You're Mine [Music Digital] 2002 Delta Music Ltd. / Music Digital
Joy to the World 2002 Planet 2:07
First British Hit Parade 2003
Various Artists
Acrobat 3:31
Be My Love: The Definitive Mario Lanza Collection 2004 RCA 3:30
This Is Gold (Box) 2004 Disky
Great American Songbook: The Crooners 2004
Various Artists
Dynamic 3:29
Christmas Songs 2004 Christmas Legends
Fabulous Voice of Mario Lanza 2004 Castle Pulse 3:32
All the Crooners 2004
Various Artists
Million Sellers of the 1950s 2005
Various Artists
Delta Distribution / Performance 3:29
Mother's Favourites 2005
Various Artists
Solid Gold Records 3:31
The Golden Voice of Mario Lanza 2006 Creative Sounds 1:52
The Essential Collection 2006 MCI 3:32
Greatest Ever! Memories 2006
Various Artists
Greatest Ever / Union Square Music 3:30
The Best of Mario Lanza [Cherished Classics] 2006 Cherished Classics
Hit Parade 1952 2007
Various Artists
Dynamic Nostalgia / Dynamic 3:29
No Image 2007 V & H Holdings 3:39
Essential Collection: The Song is You 2008
Various Artists
Dynamic 3:31
The Way We Were in the 50's 2008
Various Artists
The Gift of Music 3:34
The Song is You 2008 Jasmine Records
Music of My Life: Golden Decade, Vol. 8  (1951-1952) 2008
Various Artists
Golden Decade / Membran 3:29
O Sole Mio 2009 SPV 1:57
Golden Memories [Gold] 2009
Various Artists
Gold 3:34
Essential: Easy Listening 2010
Various Artists
Sony Music 3:30
Pure... Crooners 2011
Various Artists
Sony Music 3:30
Mario Lanza: Serenade 2012 K-Tel 2:08
Majestic Hits from 1952 for the Diamond Jubilee 2012
Various Artists
DLG Digital 3:29
No Image 2013 AAO Music 1:53
The  Toast of Hollywood 2013 Sony Classical 3:29
100 Hits Legends: Mario Lanza 100 Hits
No Image
Various Artists
Rare Jazz Music Ltd 3:32
1952: A Time To Remember The Classic Years
Various Artists
The CD Card Company 3:32
No Image K-Tel 2:08
De Pre Historie: 1952, Vol. 1
Various Artists
Eva 3:37
Greatest Hits of 1952
Various Artists
Edge / Edge J26181 / Great Voices of the Century 3:31
Movie  [MBOP Global]
Various Artists
Delta / Mbop Global 3:32
No Image Performance
No Image Topaz Records 3:31
Sammy's Songs: The Songs Of Sammy Cahn
Various Artists
Ideal 3:36
Songs To My Sweetheart: You Make Me Feel So Young
Various Artists
Dynamic 3:32
Stars of Hollywood: Singers & Actors
Various Artists
AAO Music / United Audio Entertainment 3:33
No Image
Various Artists
V & H Holdings 3:39
The  Great Lyricists: Sammy Cahn
Various Artists
Ideal Music Group 3:36
The  Greatest Hits of Mario Lanza Gralin Music 1:58
The Hits That Reigned in 1952
Various Artists
The Standards [Warner/Chappelli Boxset]
Various Artists
Warner Chappell
The Standards: The Songs of Sammy Cahn
Various Artists
Warner Chappell
The Very Thought of You [Memory Lane]
Various Artists
Memory Lane 3:32
Year in Your Life: 1952
Various Artists
AAO Music / United Audio Entertainment 1:53
blue highlight denotes editor's pick