George Harrison

Beautiful Girl

Composed by George Harrison

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Although initially released on 1976's Thirty Three & 1/3, George Harrison had been woodshedding the lovely and lyrical "Beautiful Girl" ever since the spring of 1970. The song had emerged as an informal acoustic demo when the former Beatle submitted it to producer Phil Spector for possible inclusion in 1970's All Things Must Pass. That session -- as heard on the highly recommended 1998 Beware of ABKCO! bootleg -- reveals that Harrison had already completed the first verse and established the melody and song structure prior to apparently abandoning it. When it surfaced over half a decade later, Harrison had significantly augmented the arrangement, adding a second verse and fleshing out the chorus. One possible impetus in its revival was the artist's concurrently developing relationship with soon-to-be-wife Olivia Trinidad Arias, whom he had met several years earlier when she worked at A&M Records, distributor of Harrison's subsidiary Dark Horse imprint. The closing lines "She has always been there/A lover needed for this soul to survive" seems to sum up the relationship nicely. The version included on Thirty Three & 1/3 was one of three album selections cut at Harrison's Friar Park Studios Henley on Thames facility. Further earmarking the track is the presence of Billy Preston's billowing organ runs, such as those during the opening.

Appears On

Year Artist/Album Label Time AllMusic Rating
Thirty Three & 1/3 1976 Capitol / Universal
Beware of ABKCO! 1994 Strawberry Recording Co
The Dark Horse Years 1976-1992 2004 Parlophone
The Vinyl Collection 2017 Capitol / Universal
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