New Found Glory

All Downhill from Here

Composed by New Found Glory

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By 2004, punk-pop had fully assimilated the blandness of the strip mall culture from which it came. Yellowcard, Simple Plan, Good Charlotte – they were interchangeable groups of hyperactive white guys, distinguishable only by their choice of endorsement deal. After a couple of years off, New Found Glory (sponsored by Hurley) returned to this polished safety-pin world with Catalyst, and the single "All Downhill From Here". Prophetic? Maybe. Despite the slightly harder edge on its

thick-fingered initial riff, the cut was a flawlessly-produced gumball of anthemic pop-punk piecework, perfect for pogoing at Warped Tour but memorable only until the next spin of the punchy power chord wheel of fortune. At least lead Glory guy Jordan Pundik's frog-voiced delivery was halfway distinctive. In late May '04, with its high-concept, kinetically animated video making the grade at MTV, "Downhill" began creeping up themodern rock charts, just in time for New Found Glory's summer tour jaunt

through the malls and pre-fab arenas of suburban America.

Appears On

Year Artist/Album Label Time AllMusic Rating
All Downhill from Here [Digital Single] 2004 Geffen 3:12
Catalyst 2004 Drive-Thru Records 3:12
Truth of My Youth/All Downhill From Here 2004 Drive-Thru Records 3:41
All Downhill from Here [CD Single] 2004 Universal International 3:13
Failure's Not Flattering 2004 Universal International 3:07
This Disaster: Live in London 2004 Drive-Thru Records
Punch! 2: High Spirited & Punchy Music 2005
Various Artists
Universal Distribution
Summerland [Image] 2005
Original Soundtrack
Image Entertainment 3:11
Punk Rock [Universal] 2006
Various Artists
Universal Distribution
Hits 2008 Universal Distribution 3:12
Icon 2013 Geffen 3:12
Kill It Live 2013 Bridge Nine Records / Violently Happy 3:05
Radioactive: Mainstream Rock Series (July 2004)
Various Artists
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