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Advance Romance

Composed by Frank Zappa

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"Advance Romance" is Frank Zappa's almost serious take on the "love hurts" subject. Girl is very good in bed, but spends all of Boy's money. Once he is broke he finds a bolt on the door: Girl threw him out. One of her victims was Potato-head Bobby, the same one who got drunk and was sentenced to 30 days in "San Ber'dino." This song is a slow heavy rock with a blues feel, not unlike "Willie the Pimp." It was first performed live in 1975 during the short Mothers of Invention/Captain Beefheart tour which stemmed the LP Bongo Fury. It also turned out to be the most enduring song from that album, since it was performed in 1975-1976 and throughout all 1980s tours. In 1984, it was regularly featured in a "love hurts" sequence with "Carolina Hard-Core Ecstasy" and "He's So Gay." Its simple structure and riff allowed extensive soloing -- that's probably why Frank Zappa liked it so much. A solo section was included on the Guitar set (as "Jim and Tammy's Upper Room"), and full performances from the 1982 and 1984 bands can be found on volumes five and three, respectively, of the You Can't Do That on Stage Anymore series. But it must be pointed out that through the years the piece was performed with very little differences, the main one remaining that no Zappa vocalist was ever able to match Napoleon Murphy Brock's demented rendition on the Bongo Fury recording.

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Bongo Fury 1975 Video Arts 11:17
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