The Byrds

Absolute Happiness

Composed by Kim Fowley / Skip Battin

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One of the more direct and straightforward songs from the Skip Battin/Kim Fowley songwriting team, "Absolute Happiness" has much more in common with what the Byrds were about at the time than several of the writers' other novelty tracks. A sweet, folksy melody guides the piece gently along, and this frames the somewhat karmic, spiritual lyrics well. The song's words are Buddhist in nature, and are a meditation on positive values and the power of nature.

Appears On

Year Artist/Album Label Time AllMusic Rating
Byrdmaniax 1971 Columbia
12 Dimensions: 1965-1972 2002 Columbia
The Complete Columbia Albums Collection 2011 Columbia / Legacy / Sony Music / Sony Music Entertainment 2:40
Original Album Classics [2012] 2012 Columbia / Sony Music
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