¡Que Vida!

Composed by Arthur Lee

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Spanish for "what a life," "Que Vida" was a true groundbreaking composition for Arthur Lee. The melody and chords are a free-flowing, slightly spaced affair, and this showed Lee letting the song itself dictate the direction. The chords (and there are a lot of them) never really go where you'd expect them to, yet they always end up resolving themselves. With its light, bossa nova rhythm, it is somewhat similar to some of Antonio Carlos Jobim's fine work of the period. Lyrically, it's a take on the psychedelic state of mind: comments of society, death, reincarnation, and the like fill up the imagery beautifully.

Appears On

Year Artist/Album Label Time AllMusic Rating
Da Capo 1967 Culture Factory 3:39
The Best of Love: Golden Archive Series 1986 Elektra / Rhino 3:43
Love Story 1966-1972 1995 Elektra 3:43
Comes in Colours 1997 Raven 3:40
The Definitive Rock: Love 2006 Elektra / Rhino 3:42
Rhino Hi-Five: Love, Vol. 2 2006 Elektra 3:42
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