Robert Schumann

Wanderlied ("Wohlauf! noch getrunken den funkelnden Wein!"), song for voice & piano, Op. 35/3

    Description by Meredith Gailey

    Also known as "Wanderlust" in some of Robert Schumann's editions, "Wanderlied," Op. 35/3 (Song of Travel), of Zwölf Gedichte, Op. 35, is a spirited and vigorous "Florestan" song for men's voices. Based on one of Kerner's best-known poems, it expresses an appreciation of the social atmosphere that precede farewells. The poetic focus was on the protagonist's love for and acceptance of the frontier, but in the song Schumann created a heavy attachment to home by repeating the farewell (he allowed this eight-bar theme to dominate nearly half the song). Filled with dynamic variation, the "sehr lebhaft" (very lively) work contains notes that are brisk with energetic support and enthusiasm. It opens with a fanfare; moves to an intriguing, mellow D flat middle section, which contains recollections of the protagonist's homeland and Schubert's Wanderer Fantasy, Op. 15 (1822); and closes with a light conclusion and playful postlude. This song and "Erstes Grün," Op. 35/4, were at one time considered the most popular selections of the cycle.

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