Claude Le Jeune

Revecy venir du printans

    Description by Donato Mancini

    The title translates as "behold the return of spring," and it is by far the most carefree piece in this folio of unbelievably poignant songs. The verses are full of lovely figurations around longer notes, and draw you in with a sense of irresistible affection. This is some of the purest vocal music pleasure you'll ever taste. The voices are made to sound so uncluttered and clear by the melodic writing, that to even hear the pronunciation of the old French, which sounds like Quebecois, is a sharp delight.

    Revecy, as with the rest of Le Printans, is arranged in verse/chorus dialectic, just like present-day pop songs. The chorus of Revecy has the effect of an aphorism that wickedly sums up, in all too few words, everything that the long, flowing tunes of the verse were (merely) merrily dancing around.

    Appears On

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