Albéric Magnard

Promenades (7), for piano, Op. 7

    Description by Tim Mahon

    This is wonderful late Romantic piano music, but it would be a mistake to describe it as light. It is certainly in a lighter and more easily digestible vein than most of Magnard's orchestral output, but it is an intensely musical series of pianistic miniatures and has quite a lot to say for itself. It is perhaps the closest that Magnard comes to the style of French impressionism prevalent around the turn of the century and has something in common with the delicate precision of Debussy's and Ravel's piano music. Each of the seven short movements (after the introductory Envoi) takes its nomenclature from a landmark of the region surrounding Paris, but there is also an autobiographical element to the cycle. All in all, a piece which deserves many hearings and which could easily become a favorite.


    1. Envoi
    2. Bois de Boulogne
    3. Villebon
    4. Saint Cloud
    5. Saint Germain
    6. Trianon
    7. Rambouillet

    Appears On

    Year Title Label Catalog #
    2012 Editions Hortus HOR 085
    2008 Warner Classics & Jazz 2564 695498
    1997 Teldec 0630-12361-2
    Accord 220562
    Accord 200752