Saverio Mercadante

Flute Concerto in E minor, Op. 57

    Description by Andrew Lindemann Malone

    Saverio Mercadante gained success and renown as an operatic composer during his lifetime, but at present, his best-known work is a student work, the Flute Concerto No. 2 in E minor, Op. 57. Dating from 1813, when he was studying at the conservatory at Naples, it is modeled on a French concerto of the day but displays an effortless Italianate lyricism, confident use of the received forms, and even a few unexpected touches along the way. Listening to this concerto makes one wonder why the rest of Mercadante's output has been so neglected. The Allegro maestoso first movement belies its imposing title with its graceful first and second themes, which the flutist then elaborates in normal double-exposition sonata form. Mercadante's writing for the flute is idiomatic and is nicely highlighted by the strings-led accompaniment, lending credibility to the idea that Mercadante may have had himself in mind as the flute soloist. The development stretches the flutist's capacities even further, culminating in a long, wide-ranging cadenza before an uneventful recapitulation. Imposing minor chords open the Largo second movement, followed by jarring, angry rushes in the lower strings; the quiet transition from minor to major sounds like a snatching of victory from the jaws of defeat, and throws the warm, tastefully ornamented melodies of the following sonatina-form movement into greater relief. This work's fame, however, rests on its final movement, titled "Rondo russo: Allegro vivace scherzando." The Russian theme is piped by the flute with a bit of a galop to it, accompanied by sharp little chirps in the orchestra. This is an extremely catchy theme, and it is no surprise that Mercadante does not stray far from it, even incorporating bits of it into otherwise unrelated episodes as the rondo speeds towards its conclusion. The Flute Concerto No. 2 in E minor may not be an undiscovered masterwork, but it is eminently pleasing music, made by a composer whose works deserve wider circulation.


    1. Allegro maestoso
    2. Largo
    3. Rondo

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