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    Description by James Reel

    One of Western Europe's oldest surviving dance forms, the estampie (or in Italian, istanpita) mainly survives in two thirteenth and fourteenth century manuscripts, one French (with 16 compositions) and the other Italian (with eight). Scholars argue over whether the estampie was an actual dance or merely a stylization; whatever the truth may be, its form was rather complex even though it relied on repetition. An estampie could consist of three to seven melodic units, or puncta, each one repeated immediately. Complicating matters is the ending of each of the puncta -- one ending for the first iteration, and a second ending for the repeat. In the French estampies, this same pair of first and second endings could be attached to every puncta pair, resulting in a sequence of different melodic units, each with the same endings. Thus, if the puncta were represented by A, B, and C, and the endings by x and y, a typical pattern would be AxAyBxByCxCy. The Italian scheme is more variable. Another national difference: the French estampies are in triple meter, with puncta eight to 20 measures long; the Italian istanpite, in contrast, are in duple meter, with the puncta stretching from 20 to more than 100 measures.

    Appears On

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