Igor Stravinsky

Berceuses du Chat (4), song cycle for voice & 3 clarinets or piano

    Description by Alexander Carpenter

    Igor Stravinsky's Cat's Cradle Songs (1915 - 16) comprise settings of four traditional Russian texts for alto voice and three clarinets. (Stravinsky also made a version for voice and piano.) Stravinsky scholar Eric White notes that the four songs -- "The Tomcat," "The Tomcat on the Stove," "Bye-bye," and "O Tomcat, Tomcat" -- clearly belong to the era of Pribaoutki (1914), Stravinsky's collection of nonsense songs composed in the Russian folk idiom. The Cat's Cradle Songs however, possess a terseness that is somewhat foreign to the idiom, perhaps foreshadowing the brevity and austerity of Stravinsky's soon-to-emerge Neoclassical style.

    The four songs explore the full range and expressive capabilities of the clarinets. With their sinuous melodic twists and turns, the songs are, in White' s words, "a most appropriate commentary on a domestic corner of the animal world."


    1. The tom-cat
    2. The tom-cat on the stove
    3. Bye-bye
    4. O tom-cat, tom-cat

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