Franz Schubert

Bei dir allein, refrain song for voice & piano, D. 866/2 (Op. 95/2)

    Description by James Leonard

    What Schubert's publisher wanted in 1828 was some funny songs, something that the public would enjoy so thoroughly that he would have the early nineteenth-century version of a pop hit on his hands. What Schubert's publisher got were the Vier Refrainlieder (Four Refrain Songs), two mildly amusing risqué songs for soprano and two less-than-mildly amusing songs for baritone. Like all four of the Refrainlieder, the first of the baritone songs, Bei dir allein! (With You Alone!) (D. 866/2) sets a silly three-verse poem by Johann Seidl. In the case of Bei dir allein!, Schubert sets the poem as a modified strophic song, that is, the outer verses are almost identical while the central verse is set to different music. The outer verses feature a jaunty, almost muscular, vocal melody over a skittish, almost nervous, piano accompaniment in A flat major. The music modulates easily to E major for the central verse -- the major third harmonic relationship was a special favorite of Schubert's final year -- and then back again for the final verse. The final verse is a near-exact repetition of the first verse with a few slight modifications for the changed words and a short melisma on the final "dir" as a sort of quasi-operatic cadenza. The whole song is either completely captivating if one is a listener who enjoys lighter Schubert or slightly disappointing if one is a publisher who wants Schubert to make him rich.

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