Igor Stravinsky

Andantino, for piano (Four Etudes No. 3), Op. 7/3

    Description by James Leonard

    The Study for piano (Andantino), the third of the Four Etudes, Op. 7, was written in June and July of 1908 at the Stravinsky family estate of Ustilug in the Ukraine. The Four Etudes were clearly composed in the style of Chopin and middle-period Scriabin. The Andantino in E minor is the closest that Stravinsky ever got in his own compositions to sounding like the Chopin of the Nocturnes. The long legato melody is in the middle voice, while the accompaniment figures are in the upper registers. The melody reminds some commentators of the seventh number in L'oiseau de feu, "The Supplication of the Firebird, and others of the central sections of several Chopin pieces.

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    1995 Centaur Records 2188