Hands are a young combo from Los Angeles who were hyped by none other than TIME magazine as one of their "Bands You Don't Know (But Should)" in 2012. They may have been a bit premature, since their debut album Synesthesia just came out this week. No worries, though. If you were late to the party, you can still enjoy the sunny, uptempo grooves the band doles out like free candy at a parade. Coming off kind of like a beachy Hot Chip, the band sounds like they wear tank tops all the time and don't really worry about much more than getting funky, indie rock style. Which is pretty awesome! Geoff, the group's vocalist, was nice enough to take time out from grooving to hip us to some cool stuff he's been into lately.

First, here's a song from Synesthesia:

The People of Paper
This is a book written by Los Angeles-based author Salvador Plascencia. In the book Federico De La Fe and his daughter, who is addicted to limes, begin the trek to Los Angeles from Mexico after Federico's wife leaves him due to his chronic bed wetting. Once they settle in the flower picking town of El Monte, Federico receives the help of the local gang, EMF, as he declares war against the ringed planet, Saturn. A war against sadness, and a war against omniscient narration. One of the most entertaining books I've ever read.

I chose this form of art because of my love for text and letters, not annoying scribbles and vandalism! Graffiti is one of the most intriguing forms of art, in my opinion. The lengths taken to complete a "piece" is unlike anything other artists go through to complete their art. I will admit that graffiti has come a long way since writing your name on a wall or on a subway train in hopes that someone will see it and recognize it. Graffiti has moved into the mainstream. You can find it in galleries and museums. But the idea is still there. And the artists are still pushing the limits Still messing with all the letters.

Steroids!!! Hell yeah, I love steroids!! They are the best things to take before a show!! Yeah!! NO!!! I mean vegetable juice. I've been juicing all the vegetables and fruits you can think of for the past few years now. I love it. Give me a cup of juiced spinach and I will love you forever. It doesn't stop there either. Oh, no. I turn the juice pulp into veggie stock, and this one time one of my friends made it into falafel.

The members of Hands will not be pleased with this choice, but when you're in a band you love the members even if they eat meat or not. Flore is a vegan restaurant in our neighborhood in LA. My homegirl is the kitchen manager and keeps it real with her seitan cooking skills. If you're in LA and want some choice vegan food, Flore is the spot.

Hennesy Youngman
One of the most prolific and articulate philosophers of whatever century he thinks he is in.