William Cornysh

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Among the 25 choice composers in the Eton Choirbook is Cornysh, contributing eight pieces to this national anthology of devotional music.
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Composition Highlights

Title Year Avg. Duration Genre
Ave Maria Mater Dei for 4 voices 1510 Vocal Music Choral
A Robyn, Gentyl Robyn for 3 voices 1510 Vocal Music Choral
Salve Regina for 5 voices Choral
Blow thy horn, hunter Vocal Music Choral
Ah, Robin!, song Vocal Music
Fa la Sol for 3 viols 1530 Chamber Music
Woffully Arraid for 4 voices Vocal Music Choral
Gaude Virgo Mater Christi for 4 voices Vocal Music
Stabat Mater Dolorosa for 5 voices Choral
Adew, Adew, My Hartis Lust for 3 voices Vocal Music
Magnificat for 5 voices Choral
Hoyda, hoyda, jolly Rutterkin, for 3 voices Choral
Adieu, mes amours Vocal Music
Yow and I and Amyas Vocal Music
Trolly lolly Vocal Music
Woefully Arrayed, for vocal ensemble Vocal Music
Adew, Corage, Adew for 3 voices Vocal Music
Whilles lyve or breth Vocal Music
Pleasure it is, for chorus Choral
Ay besherewe yow, for 3 voices Choral
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