Werner X. Uehlinger


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Year Album Artist
2017 Copenhagen Live, 1964 Albert Ayler / Albert Ayler Quartet Executive Producer
2017 Invisible Touch at Taktlos Zürich Matthew Shipp Producer
2017 James Tenney: Bass Works Dario Calderone Executive Producer
2017 Katharina Rosenberger: Shift Rage Thormbones / wasteLAnd Executive Producer
2017 Morton Feldman: Three Voices Juliet Fraser Executive Producer
2015 Apogee/Birth of a Being David S. Ware Analog Transfer
2011 Pierre Boulez & John Cage: Structures & Music For Piano Pi-Hsien Chen / Ian Pace Executive Producer, Quotation Author
2009 Asphalt Flowers Forking Paths Taylor Ho Bynum / Taylor Ho Bynum Sextet Executive Producer
2009 Given: Live in Münster Steven Lantner Executive Producer
2009 High Definition Joe Morris Executive Producer
2009 Köln 1978 Creative Orchestra Executive Producer
2009 Lacy Pool Uwe Oberg Executive Producer
2009 One Great Night...Live Ellery Eskelin Executive Producer
2009 The Dark Tree Horace Tapscott Producer
2008 Makrokosmos: Magical Worlds of Sound Makrokosmos Quartet Liner Notes, Executive Producer
2008 Renewal David Liebman Executive Producer
2007 Afternoon in Paris Anthony Ortega Liner Notes, Executive Producer
2007 Backyard Poets Fabian Gisler Producer, Liner Notes
2007 Big Four Live Max Nagl Liner Notes, Executive Producer
2007 Land Tides Jackson Harrison Trio Executive Producer
2007 Redemption: Quest Live in Europe David Liebman Liner Notes, Executive Producer
2006 Archives of the North Polwechsel Executive Producer
2006 John Cage: Imaginary Landscapes Maelström Percussion Ensemble / Jan Williams Producer
2005 Concept of Freedom Anthony Braxton Producer
2005 Different But the Same David Liebman Executive Producer
2005 Into the Barn Manuel Mengis Gruppe 6 Executive Producer
2005 Pierre Boulez: Notations & Piano Sonatas Pi-Hsien Chen Producer, Liner Notes
2005 Stefan Wolpe: Enactments Producer
2005 The Distance Runner David Liebman Executive Producer
2005 Time Within Time Marc Copland Producer
2004 As It Grows Russ Lossing / Paul Motian / Ed Schuller Executive Producer
2004 Flamingos Max Nagl Producer
2004 Tales Out of Time Peter Brötzmann / Kent Kessler / Joe McPhee / Michael Zerang Executive Producer
2003 Arcanum Moderne Ellery Eskelin Executive Producer, Cover Photo
2003 Colors David Liebman Executive Producer
2003 Emphasis & Flight, 1961 Jimmy Giuffre Executive Producer
2003 Marc Copland And... Marc Copland Liner Notes, Executive Producer
2003 New Jazz Meeting: Baden-Baden 2002 Steve Lacy Producer
2003 Radio Fractal/Beat Music Wolfgang Mitterer Producer
2003 Railnotes Herbert Distel Executive Producer
2003 Strandjutters Daniele D'Agaro Producer
2002 Big Four Max Nagl Executive Producer
2002 Bookends David Liebman Producer
2002 Guillermo Gregorio: Faktura Guillermo Gregorio Executive Producer
2002 Highway My Friend Trapist Executive Producer
2002 Liza Lim: The Heart's Ear Liza Lim Executive Producer
2002 Lunar Marc Copland Executive Producer
2002 Morton Feldman: Violin and String Quartet Morton Feldman / Christina Fong / Peter Rundel Producer
2002 Piano and String Quartet [HatArt] Morton Feldman Producer
2002 Proklamation I/Farewell to Sweden Per Henrik Wallin Executive Producer
2002 String Quartet (II) Morton Feldman Producer
2002 To Ornette - Hybrid Identity Theo Jörgensmann Executive Producer
2001 Abacus John Law Executive Producer
2001 Barcelona Series Sven-Åke Johansson Executive Producer
2001 Expansion, Power, Release Matthew Shipp Trio Executive Producer
2001 Four Generations Daniel N. Seel Producer
2001 Haunted Heart and Other Ballads Marc Copland Executive Producer
2001 Out Right Now Joe Maneri Executive Producer
2001 Ramasuri Max Nagl Executive Producer
2001 Scattered Clouds Anthony Ortega Executive Producer
2001 Vanishing Point Ellery Eskelin Executive Producer
2000 An Hour With... Clusone Trio Executive Producer
2000 Atlantis: Radio-Sinfonie-Orchester, Frankfurt Morton Feldman Producer
2000 Clarence Barlow: Musica Derivata Clarence Barlow Producer
2000 CounterPoise Producer
2000 Gravitational Systems Matthew Shipp Producer
2000 Guillermo Gregorio: Degrees of Iconicity Guillermo Gregorio Executive Producer
2000 Horace Is Blue: A Silver Noir Ran Blake Executive Producer
2000 Lou Harrison: Labrynth Lou Harrison Producer
2000 Peter Ablinger: Grisailles (1-100) Peter Ablinger Producer
2000 Phonolith Bernd Konrad Executive Producer
2000 Quintet (Basel) 1977 Anthony Braxton / Anthony Braxton Quintet Executive Producer
2000 Ramifications Ellery Eskelin Executive Producer
2000 Sneak Preview Simon Nabatov Trio Executive Producer
2000 Trois Plans Sur La Comète François Raulin Executive Producer
2000 Where the Sky Ended Richard Grossman Executive Producer
1999 Aldo Clementi: Madrigale Aldo Clementi Producer
1999 Arnold Schonberg: Works for Piano Pi-Hsien Chen Executive Producer
1999 Clichés Steve Lacy Seven Producer, Cover Photo
1999 Cornelius Cardew: Treatise Cornelius Cardew Executive Producer
1999 Dissonant Characters Ellery Eskelin Producer
1999 Enfants Terribles Steffen Schleiermacher Producer
1999 Five Other Pieces (+2) Ellery Eskelin Producer
1999 Four and Five Jon Lloyd Producer
1999 Giacinto Scelsi: Kya Giacinto Scelsi Producer
1999 In Bern Loren Connors / Jim O'Rourke Executive Producer
1999 James Tenney: Music for Violin and Piano Stephen Clarke / Marc Sabat Executive Producer
1999 Jubilee Varia ICP Orchestra Producer
1999 Matthias Kaul: Solo Percussion Matthias Kaul Executive Producer
1999 Morton Feldman: For John Cage Josje ter Haar / John Snijders Producer
1999 Music of Changes John Cage / Joseph Kubera Executive Producer
1999 Polwechsel, Vol. 2 Polwechsel Executive Producer
1999 Rara Avis Clusone Trio Producer
1999 Red Cube(d) Guillermo Gregorio Trio Producer
1999 Roman Haubenstock-Ramati Roman Haubenstock-Ramati Producer
1999 Roman Haubenstock-Ramati: Mobile for Shakespeare Ensemble Avantgarde / Beat Furrer Producer
1999 Snijbloemen Theo Jörgensmann Quartet Executive Producer
1999 So What Mat Maneri Trio Producer
1999 Something to Live For Ran Blake Producer
1999 Soviet Avant-Garde, Vol. 2 Steffen Schleiermacher Producer
1999 Tenderly Joe Maneri Quartet Producer
1999 Teodoro Anzellotti: Push Pull Teodoro Anzellotti Producer
1999 The Secret Museum Ellery Eskelin Producer
1999 Two Days in Chicago Misha Mengelberg Producer
1998 Acceptance Mat Maneri Executive Producer
1998 Background Music Guillermo Gregorio Executive Producer
1998 Compositions No. 10 & No. 16 (+101) Anthony Braxton Executive Producer
1998 Ellipsis Guillermo Gregorio Executive Producer
1998 Ernstalbrecht Stiebler: ...Im Klang... Ernstalbrecht Stiebler Producer
1998 Even Your Ears Richard Grossman Executive Producer
1998 Filigree Lauren Newton Producer
1998 Jo Kondo: Chamber Music Jo Kondo Executive Producer
1998 John Cage: Litany for the Whale Paul Hillier / Theatre of Voices Session Producer
1998 Kulak, 29 & 30 Ellery Eskelin Producer
1998 Multiplication Table Matthew Shipp Trio Producer, Executive Producer
1998 Opposite Taku Sugimoto Executive Producer
1998 Orka Rajesh Mehta Executive Producer
1998 Polwechsel Vol.1 Polwechsel Executive Producer
1998 Pythagoras Tree: Works For Piano Udo Kasemets Executive Producer
1998 Strata Matthew Shipp Producer
1998 The Solo Works for Percussion James Tenney Producer
1998 Xasax: Ars Subtilior XASAX Producer
1997 A Possible Dawn Loren Connors / Loren Mazzacane Connors Executive Production Coordinator
1997 By Confusion Jon Lloyd Producer
1997 Coming Down the Mountain Joe Maneri Quartet Producer
1997 Conquest of Melody Marcus Weiss Executive Producer
1997 Eleven Ghosts Han Bennink / Myra Melford Producer
1997 Franz Koglmann: O Moon My Pin-Up Franz Koglmann Executive Producer, Producer
1997 Ghostly Thoughts Paul Dunmall Executive Producer
1997 Japan Piano 1996: Satoko Inoue Satoko Inoue Producer
1997 Morton Feldman: Neither Morton Feldman / hr_Sinfonieorchester (Frankfurt Radio Symphony Orchestra) / Sarah Leonard / Zoltán Peskó Executive Producer
1997 Morton Feldman: Trio Job ter Haar / Josje ter Haar / John Snijders Producer
1997 One Great Day... Ellery Eskelin Producer, Quotation Author
1997 Roman Haubenstock-Ramati: Graphic Music Roman Haubenstock-Ramati Producer
1997 The New York School 2 Wonderboy Executive Producer, Producer
1997 Thesis Matthew Shipp Producer
1997 Yarbles Burkhard Beins Executive Producer
1996 Approximately Guillermo Gregorio Executive Producer
1996 As Serious as Your Life Joe McPhee Executive Producer
1996 Bridge & Flocking James Tenney Producer
1996 By the Law of Music Matthew Shipp Trio Executive Producer
1996 Cornelius Schwehr: Poco a poco subito Cornelius Schwehr Producer
1996 Extremely Quartet John Law Producer
1996 John Cage: Ryoanji Robert Black Producer
1996 John Cage: Two, Five, and Seven Ives Ensemble Producer
1996 Live at Dreher, Paris 1981: The Peak, Vol. 2 Steve Lacy / Mal Waldron Producer
1996 No Try No Fail Urs Leimgruber Executive Producer
1996 Passacaglia, First Recordings, 1954 Stefan Wolpe Executive Producer
1996 Penetration Catalogue Producer
1996 Roman Haubenstock-Ramati: Pour Piano Roman Haubenstock-Ramati Producer
1996 The Root of the Problem Misha Mengelberg Producer
1996 Three in One Ernstalbrecht Stiebler Producer
1996 Western Front, Vancouver 1996 Carlos Zingaro Executive Producer
1995 Annette Paul Bley / Franz Koglmann / Gary Peacock Producer
1995 Cage: Atlas Eclipticalis (For Three Flutes) Producer
1995 Cantos I-IV Franz Koglmann Producer
1995 Charlie Parker Project 1993 Anthony Braxton Producer
1995 Cheer Up Ray Anderson Producer
1995 Christian Wolff: Exercises Christian Wolff Producer
1995 Constellations Dave Douglas / Dave Douglas Tiny Bell Trio Producer
1995 Earle Brown: Synergy Earle Brown / Ensemble Avantgarde Producer
1995 Eberhard Blum: Alea Eberhard Blum Producer
1995 Even the Sounds Shine Myra Melford Extended Ensemble Producer
1995 Extension 1979-1980 Mathias Spahlinger Producer
1995 For Ruth Crawford Christian Wolff Producer
1995 Habarigani Habarigani Producer
1995 Habarigani Brass Hans Kennel Producer
1995 Horns 2 Mytha Producer
1995 John Cage: Prelude for Meditation Hildegard Kleeb Producer
1995 Jump Up Jimmy Lyons & Sunny Murray Trio / Jimmy Lyons / Sunny Murray Producer
1995 L' Enigmatique Urs Leimgruber Producer
1995 L' Histoire De Mme. Tasco Joëlle Léandre Producer
1995 La Stazione 1987/1990 Herbert Distel Executive Producer
1995 Mal Vu Mal Dit Ton-Art Producer
1995 Maria de Alvear: En Amor Duro Maria de Alvear Producer
1995 Morton Feldman: Crippled Symmetry; Why Patterns? Morton Feldman Producer
1995 Morton Feldman: Patterns in a Chromatic Field Rohan de Saram / Marianne Schroeder Producer
1995 Mytha Mytha Producer
1995 New York School, Vol. 2 Steffen Schleiermacher Producer
1995 New York School, Vol. 3 Producer
1995 Pagine Gialle Theo Jörgensmann Executive Producer
1995 Palimpseste Joëlle Léandre Producer
1995 Performance (Quartet) 1979 Anthony Braxton Producer
1995 Quotl Maarten Altena Producer
1995 Rodan Satoh Michihiro Executive Producer
1995 Sixty-Eight, Quartets I-VIII Executive Producer
1995 Soviet Avant-Garde Steffen Schleiermacher Producer
1995 The Crowd Rova Producer
1995 The New York School Earle Brown Producer
1995 Thingin' Don Friedman / Lee Konitz / Attila Zoller Producer
1995 Two Habarigani Producer
1995 Voxnova Giacinto Scelsi Producer
1995 We Thought About Duke Franz Koglmann Producer
1995 Works for Piano, Vol. 2 Morton Feldman Producer
1995 Zu Ton-Art Producer
1994 Azurety Ray Anderson Producer
1994 Morton Feldman: For Bunita Marcus Hildegard Kleeb Producer
1994 Rzewski: DeProfundis; Piano Piece No.4; Piano Sonata; Winnsboro Cotton Mill Blues Frederic Rzewski Producer
1994 Ten, Ryoanji, Fourteen, Ives Ensemble Ives Ensemble Producer
1994 The Bad Boys!: George Antheil, Henry Cowell, Leo Ornstein Steffen Schleiermacher Producer
1993 #2 Galina Ustvolskaya Producer
1993 Alive in the House of Saints Myra Melford Trio Producer
1993 Dahabenzapple Joe Maneri / Joe Maneri Quartet Producer
1993 Demon Chaser Gerry Hemingway Quintet Producer
1993 John Cage: Fontana Mix / Solo for Voice 2 Eberhard Blum Producer
1993 Karlheinz Stockhausen: Spiral Karlheinz Stockhausen Producer
1993 Quartet (Santa Cruz) 1993 Anthony Braxton / Anthony Braxton Quartet Executive Producer
1993 Tom Johnson: Rational Melodies Tom Johnson Producer
1993 Winter Music Producer
1992 Bot-Ba Giacinto Scelsi Producer
1992 For Christian Wolff (1986) Morton Feldman Producer
1992 Galina Ustvolskaya No. 1 Vera Beths / Harmen DeBoer / Reinbert de Leeuw / Galina Ustvolskaya Executive Producer
1992 Kaleidoscopes: Ornette Coleman Songbook Paul Plimley Producer
1992 Kazuo Fukushima: Works for Flute and Piano Kazuo Fukushima Producer
1992 Old Eyes and Mysteries Joe McPhee Po Music Producer
1992 Ursonate Kurt Schwitters Producer
1992 We See Steve Lacy Sextet Producer
1992 Wesleyan (12 Altosolos) 1992 Anthony Braxton Executive Producer
1992 Willisau (Quartet) 1991[Pt. 2] Anthony Braxton Producer
1991 2 Compositions (Ensemble) 1989/1991 Anthony Braxton Executive Producer
1991 Cobra John Zorn Producer
1991 Composition No. 98 Anthony Braxton Producer
1991 Down to the Wire Gerry Hemingway Quartet Executive Producer
1991 For Samuel Beckett Morton Feldman Producer
1991 Itinerary Steve Lacy Producer
1991 Kimus #4 Producer
1991 Kimus #5 Producer
1991 L' Heure Bleue Franz Koglmann Producer
1991 Remains Steve Lacy Producer
1991 Songs and Variations Georg Gräewe & The Grubenklang Orchestra Producer
1991 What a Band Christy Doran Producer
1991 Willisau (Quartet) 1991 Anthony Braxton Producer
1990 A White Line Franz Koglmann Producer
1990 Christy Doran's Phoenix Christy Doran Producer
1990 Die Reise (The Journey) Herbert Distel Executive Producer
1990 Forms Ellery Eskelin Executive Producer
1990 Four Compositions (Solo, Duo & Trio) 1982/1988 Anthony Braxton Producer
1990 Garden 2 Cecil Taylor Producer
1990 Ka & Ttai: Suites for Piano Giacinto Scelsi Producer
1990 Linear B Joe McPhee Po Music Producer
1990 Lines Urs Leimgruber Producer
1990 Michel Redolfi: Sonic Waters No. 2 (Underwater Music) Michel Redolfi Producer
1990 Morton Feldman: Works for Piano Morton Feldman Producer
1990 Orte Der Geometrie Franz Koglmann Producer
1990 Pensieri Bianchi Fritz Hauser Producer
1990 The Minimalism of Erik Satie Vienna Art Orchestra Producer
1990 The Mirror Fritz Hauser Executive Producer
1990 The Use of Memory Franz Koglmann Producer
1989 Die Trommel: A Radiophonic Work/Die Welle: Soundscape for Cymbals, Tamtam & Tympani Fritz Hauser Executive Producer
1989 More News for Lulu Bill Frisell / George Lewis / John Zorn Producer
1989 Seven Compositions (Trio) 1989 Anthony Braxton Producer
1989 Sonic Fiction Georg Graewe / Gerry Hemingway / Ernst Reijseger Producer
1989 The Dark Tree, Vol 1/Dark Tree, Vol. 2 Horace Tapscott Producer
1988 A Memory of Vienna Ran Blake / Anthony Braxton Producer
1988 Genuine Fables Paul Smoker Producer
1988 Happening Now! George Gruntz Producer
1988 Kimus #2 Kimus Two Producer
1988 Kimus #2 Producer
1988 Momentum, Willisau 1988 Jimmy Giuffre Producer
1988 Propellers in Love Arnold Dreyblatt / Arnold Dreyblatt & the Orchestra of Excited Strings Executive Producer
1988 Statement of an Antirider Urs Leimgruber Producer
1987 News for Lulu John Zorn Producer
1987 Rif Maarten Altena Producer
1986 Flim-Flam Steve Lacy Producer
1986 Ich Franz Koglmann Producer
1986 Morning Joy: Live at Sunset Paris Steve Lacy / Steve Lacy Four Producer
1986 Rossini, Zurich, Live 1986 Westbrook/Rossini Producer
1986 Schnipp Schnapp Peter Schärli Producer, Design
1986 Westbrook-Rossini Mike Westbrook Producer
1985 A Notion in Perpetual Motion Vienna Art Orchestra Producer
1985 Concerto Grosso Richard Teitelbaum Executive Producer
1985 Futurities, Pt. II Steve Lacy Producer
1985 Love for Sale Mike Westbrook Producer
1985 Lunatico Werner Lüdi Producer
1985 Solodrumming Fritz Hauser Executive Producer
1984 Morton Feldman: For Philip Guston Morton Feldman / Petr Kotik / S.E.M. Ensemble Producer
1984 On Duke's Birthday Mike Westbrook Executive Producer
1984 Schlaf Schlemmer, Schlaf Magritte Franz Koglmann Producer
1983 Dialog & Begegnung Musica Libera Producer
1983 Inside the Plastic Locus Donald Knaack Producer, Design
1983 Knoten MIT Producer, Mixing, Editing
1983 Nutty Tony Coe Producer
1983 Star Eyes, Hamburg 1983 Lee Konitz Executive Producer
1983 Two, Five, Six, Blinks Steve Lacy Producer
1982 Bangception, Willisau 1982 Billy Bang Producer, Executive Producer
1982 Dies Irae Eduardo Kohan Producer, Mixing, Editing
1982 Oleo & A Future Retrospective Joe McPhee Po Music Producer
1982 Open Aspects (Duo) 1982 Anthony Braxton Producer
1981 Ghost of a Trance Peter Kuhn Producer, Editing
1981 I Know About the Life Archie Shepp Executive Producer
1981 Musique Pour 8: L'Oc André Jaume Producer
1981 Nomadic Winds George Sams Editing, Executive Producer
1981 The Eighth Cecil Taylor Producer
1981 Topology Joe McPhee Po Music Producer, Mixing, Digital Transfers
1980 Concerto Piccolo Vienna Art Orchestra Producer
1980 It Is in the Brewing Luminous Cecil Taylor Producer
1980 Orange Juice/Nice Food Antonello Salis Producer
1980 Sunrise in Different Dimensions Sun Ra / Sun Ra Arkestra Producer, Cover Photo
1980 The Entrance Gates of Tshee Park Daunik Lazro Producer, Editing
1980 The Ongoing Strings Burton Greene Producer, Editing
1980 Tribulat Alain Monnier Producer, Editing
1979 Humanimal Jerry Chardonnens Producer, Mixing, Editing
1979 Long March, Pt. 2 Max Roach Producer
1979 N.Y. Capers & Quirks Steve Lacy Trio Producer
1979 The Long March Max Roach Producer
1979 The Long March, Part 1 Max Roach Producer
1979 The Spoken Word Baikida Carroll Producer
1979 The Way Steve Lacy Producer
1979 Windward Passages [1979] Dave Burrell Producer, Editing
1979 Zaki Oliver Lake Executive Producer
1978 One Too Many Salty Swift and Not Goodbye Cecil Taylor Executive Producer
1978 Pot-Pourri Pour Parce Que Claude Bernard Producer
1978 Saxanimalier André Jaume Producer
1978 The Very Centre of Middle Europe Irène Schweizer Producer
1977 Clinkers Steve Lacy Producer
1977 High, Low and Order Steve Lacy Release Production
1977 Tenor/Fallen Angels Joe McPhee Producer, Engineer
1977 The Constant Extension of Inescapable Tradition Milo Fine Free Jazz Ensemble Producer
1976 Donaueschingen (Duo) 1976 Anthony Braxton Executive Producer
1976 Hah Milo Fine Free Jazz Ensemble Producer
1976 Quartet (Dortmund) 1976 Anthony Braxton Executive Producer
1972 Town Hall (1972) Anthony Braxton Executive Producer
1971 Survival Unit II: At WBAI's Free Music Store Joe McPhee Producer
1969 Seeking John Carter Producer
1967 New Dance! Anthony Ortega Producer
1966 Lörrach, Paris 1966 Albert Ayler Executive Producer
ABD Ray Anderson / Han Bennink / Christy Doran Producer, Quotation Author
As The Sea Samuel Blaser Quartet Executive Producer
Blow Strike & Touch Max E. Keller / Sheldon Suter / Marco Von Orelli Executive Producer
Cluster Swerve Noah Kaplan Executive Producer
Descendants Noah Kaplan Executive Producer
Dulcet Crush Manuel Mengis Executive Producer
Galina Ustvolskaya: Piano Sonatas 1-6 Marianne Schroeder Producer, Liner Notes
John Cage: Music of Changes David Tudor Executive Producer
Luc Ferrari: Piano & Percussion Works Satoko Inoue / Toshiyuki Matsukura Producer, Liner Notes
Luciano Berio, Edison Denissow: Works for Voice and Chamber Ensemble Luciano Berio / Ensemble für Neue Musik Zürich Executive Producer
Sintering Jackson Harrison Trio Executive Producer
System of 5 Pandelis Karayorgis Executive Producer
Three Into Wonderfull Westbrook Trio Executive Producer
Works For 2 Pianists Under Soviet Rule Ufuk & Bahar Dördüncü Producer