Volker Dueck


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Year Album Artist
2017 Loin dans les Terres: European Jazz Legends, Vol. 11 Louis Sclavis Producer
2016 Belle Epoque Christy Doran / Sound Fountain Cover Photo
2016 Dakota Mab Henri Texier Producer
2016 Jazz Now! Alexander von Schlippenbach Producer
2016 Olden Times Lee Konitz / Kenny Wheeler Producer, Cover Photo
2016 The Rose Window Arild Andersen Producer
2016 Ziljabu Nights Miroslav Vitous Producer
2015 Tales From the Unexpected Enrico Pieranunzi Producer
2013 Yitzhak Yedid: Visions, Fantasies and Dances - Music for String Quartet Sapphire String Quartet Producer
2012 Between Shadow And Light Patrick Bebelaar / Joe Fonda / Herbert Joos Producer
2012 Extended: Jazzthing Next Generation, Vol. 42 Stefan Schmid Producer
2012 Secret World Jeff Denson Producer
2012 Take the Floor and Lift the Roof Christy Doran's New Bag Executive Producer
2012 Two Lost Churches Marc Perrenoud / Marc Perrenoud Trio Producer
2011 Distant Light Benjamin Schatz Producer
2011 Jazzthing Next Generation, Vol. 36: Ya Tashus’ Evgeny Ring Quartet / Evgeny Ring Producer
2011 Jeux Circulaires KONTRA-trio Producer
2011 Through the Window of Marc Chagall Yitzhak Yedid Producer, Cover Photo
2010 Chameleon Dombert's Urban Jazz Producer
2010 Global Dialects Kahiba Executive Producer
2010 Gordon Pym Transit Room Producer
2010 Grounded Bastian Stein's Gravity Point Producer
2009 Bafa Timucin Sahin Cover Photo
2009 Exclusive Freak Show Felix Heydemann Producer
2009 Piffkaneiro Koj Producer
2009 Yitzhak Yedid: Since My Soul Loved Yitzhak Yedid Producer, Cover Photo
2008 The Competence of the Irregular Christy Doran Producer
2008 The Music of Charlie Mariano Charlie Mariano Audio Production
2008 Yitzhak Yedid: Oud Bass Piano Trio Yitzhak Yedid Producer
2007 High Tide Subtone Audio Production
2007 Many Ways KCP 5 Audio Production
2007 The Moholo Songs: Jazzthing Next Generation, Vol. 16 Jochen-Subnoder Baldes Producer
2007 Yitzhak Yedid: Reflections Upon Six Images Yitzhak Yedid Producer
2006 A Fine Balance Michael Bates Executive Producer
2006 Better Times Ahead Anke Helfrich Trio/Roy Hargrove Producer, Audio Production
2006 Celebrating Modern Genius HDV Trio Executive Producer
2006 Mysterious Joe Haider Executive Producer
2006 Now's the Time Christy Doran Executive Producer
2006 Pasando por Tabernas Amir Haddad Executive Producer
2006 Tanz der Teilchen Tobi Hofmann Producer
2005 Awakening Marko Lackner Producer
2005 G-Zone: Jazzthing Next Generation, Vol. 10 Gary Fuhrmann Executive Producer
2005 Homerun No Limit Producer, Mixing, Photography, Mastering
2005 Jimi Christy Doran Executive Producer
2005 Nu Love Johannes Mossinger New York Trio Featuring Bob Malach Executive Producer
2005 Perspectives Christy Doran Executive Producer
2005 Yitzhak Yedid: Passions and Prayers Yitzhak Yedid Executive Producer
2004 Get Out Now!: Jazzthing Next Generation, Vol. 2 Anette Von Eichel Producer
2003 Los Manos Calientes Pibo Marquez Producer
2002 Kekeli Cecile Verny Quartet / Cécile Verny Producer, Mastering
2002 Songs Gerry Hemingway Cover Photo, Re-Release Producer
2002 Trance Atlantic (Boom Bop II) Jean-Paul Bourelly Executive Producer
2002 You'll See Anke Helfrich / Anke Helfrich Trio/Roy Hargrove Executive Producer
2000 Duo en Noir Enrico Rava Producer, Cover Photo
2000 Live at Montreux Albert Mangelsdorff Producer
16/8 Dombert's Urban Jazz Producer
A Next Generation Celebration Big Jazz Thing Producer, Liner Notes
A Serpent's Dream Michel Godard / Michel Godard & le Miroir du Temps Producer
Anima Jens Düppe Producer
Being the Point Ray Anderson's Organic Quartet Producer
Bouwer Just Another Foundry Producer
Brissago Tré Executive Producer
Call Me Helium: The Music of Jimi Hendrix Christy Doran / Erika Stucky / Fredy Studer / Jamaaladeen Tacuma Executive Producer, Assistant
Capturing This Moment Michel Reis / Michel Reis Quartet Producer
Caught Into Something Turning Andreas Kurz Quartet / Andreas Kurz Producer
Côte de Cologne: Jazz Thing, Next Generation, Vol. 46 Offshore Producer
Dalarna Birgitta Flick Quartet Producer
Edle Einfalt Tré Executive Producer
Elder L14 Producer
Elsewhere Christy Doran's New Bag Producer
Essence Haberecht 4 Producer
For the Cats: Jazz Thing Next Generation, Vol. 51 Kiesewetters Gammarama Producer
Hat and Shoes Gebhard Ullmann Basement Research Producer
Haydn Scott Fields String Feartet Producer
Here Jochen-Subnoder Baldes Producer
Hidden Meaning Michel Reis Producer
Howl! Peter Van Huffel's Gorilla Mask Cover Photo
In Between Tobias Meinhart Quartet Producer
In Your Own Sweet Way Laia Genc / Sabine Kuhlich Producer
Inherence Timuçin Sahin Quintet Cover Photo
Into the Mackerel Sky Axel Schlosser Executive Producer
Inverted Forest Goodman-Bordenave Quintet Producer
Jazzthing Next Generation, Vol. 48: Yingying Birgitta Flick Quartet Producer
Kintsugi Scott Fields / Scott Fields String Quartet Producer
Lamara Einem.Art Producer
Leaves Like Snow Benjamin Schaefer Trio Producer
Mam Der Weise Panda Producer
Markus Stockhausen and the Metropole Orkest Metropole Orkest / Markus Stockhausen Back Cover Photo
Meera Thomas Rückert Trio Producer
Mesmerized Christy Doran's New Bag Executive Producer
Mostly Stick Scott Fields String Feartet Producer
Nature Boy Marc Perrenoud Trio Producer
Next Generation, Vol. 55: Wolfgang Rafael Walsers GangArt Producer
Nucleus Rebecca Trescher Fluxtet / Rebecca Trescher Producer
On the Move Jasper van't Hof Producer
One Journey Ek Safar Producer
Open-Minded Axel Kühn Trio / Axel Kuhn Producer
PC Energetic Illusion Producer
Parvaneh Thomas Rückert Trio Producer
Patchwork of Time Tamara Lukasheva Producer
Places in Between Marc Demuth / Michel Reis / Paul Wiltgen Producer
Pridetime Johanna Schneider Quartet / Johanna Schneiderheinze Producer
Roots Hellmüller Sisera Renold Producer
Rootville Offshore Producer
Ruby Project David Fettmann Trio Producer
Samambaia Yara Linss Producer
Schattenspiel Fabian M. Mueller / Reto Suhner Executive Producer
Songs & Dances Anne Hartkamp Producer
Strange Ways Diego Pinera Producer
Tales from the South Axel Schlosser Producer
The Other Side of If Nak Trio Producer, Mixing
The Truth and the Abstract Blues Anne Czichowsky / Anne Czichowsky Quintett Producer
Twilight Jamboree: Live at Bird's Eye, Basel Rick Margitza / Peter Protschka / Peter Protschka Quintet Producer
Twist: Jazzthing Next Generation, Vol. 53 Joscha Arnold Quintet Producer
Vestry Lamento Marc Perrenoud Trio Producer
Waiting For Fred Turn Producer
Where is Now? Stefan Aeby / Michael Bucher / Bucher / Sommer / Friedli & Aeby Producer
William's Garden Sonja Huber Quartet Producer
Winged by Distance Dieter Glawischnig Producer
Without a Word Alex Maksymiw Producer
Zeitgeist Axel Kühn Trio Producer