Valery Afanassiev

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Afanassiev is a multi-talented man, being a conductor, an author, and a sometime stage actor in his own works as well as a pianist.
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Composition Highlights

Title Year Avg. Duration Genre
Concluding unscientific postscript Miscellaneous (Classical)
Levity of shadows Miscellaneous (Classical)
River doesn't welcome the same man Miscellaneous (Classical)
In the wake of Hume Miscellaneous (Classical)
Sandglass Miscellaneous (Classical)
Long distance happiness Miscellaneous (Classical)
From here to eternity Miscellaneous (Classical)
Beethoven's posthumous works Miscellaneous (Classical)
The immortality of the human race Miscellaneous (Classical)
Entre chien et loup Miscellaneous (Classical)
Omnipresence Miscellaneous (Classical)
Moscow hotels Miscellaneous (Classical)
Homage to Giordano Bruno Miscellaneous (Classical)
To T.A. Miscellaneous (Classical)
Time for repentance Miscellaneous (Classical)
Distorting mirrors Miscellaneous (Classical)
Outside creation Miscellaneous (Classical)
Useless emotions Miscellaneous (Classical)
Forgiveness Miscellaneous (Classical)
Ineffable name Miscellaneous (Classical)
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