Valentin Silvestrov

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Ukrainian composer Silvestrov is known for his "metaphorical" style of music, which sounds transparent, but is technically and emotionally complex.
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Composition Highlights

Title Year Avg. Duration Genre
Two Dialogues with an Epilogue, for piano 2001 Keyboard Orchestral
Post Scriptum, sonata for violin & piano 1990 Chamber Music
Liturgical Chants, for voice & chorus 2005 Choral
Kitsch Music for Piano 1977 Keyboard
The Messenger, for strings & piano 1996 Orchestral
Diptych, for chorus 1995 Choral
Bagatellen for keyboard 2005 Keyboard
Der Bote, for piano 1996 Keyboard Orchestral
Silent Songs, song cycle for lyric soprano or baritone & piano 1974 Vocal Music
Postludium for piano & orchestra 1985 Concerto
Postlude No. 2 for violin 1981 Chamber Music
Symphony No. 6 1994 Symphony
Three Waltzes, for piano 2005 Keyboard
Hymn 2001, for piano 2001 Keyboard
Spiritual Songs (2), for chorus 2006 Choral
Elegie Miscellaneous (Classical)
Spiritual Chants (2), for chorus 2006 Choral
Piano Sonata No. 2 1975 Keyboard
String Quartet No. 1 1974 Chamber Music
Dedication, symphony for violin and orchestra 1990 Symphony
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