Turkish Traditional


Year Title
Alevi Song Miscellaneous (Classical)
Alta, alta es la luna, Judeo-Spanish folksong (Turkey) Vocal Music
Antalyanin Mor Uzumu Chamber Music Folk Song
Attaturk March Band Music March
Batum Vocal Music Song
Before the ramparts
Begün benim efkârim var Vocal Music Folk Song
Birinci Selâm (Première/First salutation)
Call to Prayer, for traditional ensemble (Maqam Hedjaz - Turquía) Miscellaneous (Classical)
Daglar gibi dalgalari Vocal Music Folk Song
Dandini dandini dastana, lullaby Vocal Music Lullaby
Dokumaci Kizlar Yalelli Vocal Music Folk Song
Dorduncu Selâm (Quatrième/Fourth salutation)
Düdül Miscellaneous (Classical)
Ey Dervisler (Yunus Emre - Ilahileri), chant Vocal Music
Faces of Our Women
Friends, Come, Let Us Unite
Gagauski, traditional Balkan dance melody Chamber Music Dance
Hanging by a Rope, the Neck Moans
Heyamo Vocal Music
Hicaz Mandira Vocal Music Song
Hüseyni Ilahi (Song of the Dervishes) Vocal Music
I Heard Say
I Want You, I Need You
Ikinci Selâm (Deuxième/Second salutation)
La llamada a la morena Miscellaneous (Classical)
La mala suegra Miscellaneous (Classical)
Marcha turca Miscellaneous (Classical)
Memet the Deserter Vocal Music
Na'at-i-Mevlânâ Miscellaneous (Classical)
Neva Ilahi (Pilgrim hymn on the journey to Mekka) Vocal Music
Night at the Caravanserai Chamber Music
Nihavent, traditional melody Choral
Nikrîz Gazel Vocal Music Improvisation
Niyâz Ayini (La cérémonie du voeu/Ceremony of the vow) Miscellaneous (Classical)
Ooo Mastika Vocal Music Song
Oyun Havasi Miscellaneous (Classical)
Pencereden Kar Geliyor Vocal Music
12?? Pesrev (Yunus Emre - Ilahileri), chant Vocal Music
Qu'ranic recitation Vocal Music
Quatrain Miscellaneous (Classical)
12?? Sallalahu ala Muhammed (Yunus Emre - Ilahileri), chant Vocal Music
Sirto Vocal Music Folk Song
Son yürük sema'i Miscellaneous (Classical)
Sufi Hymn Miscellaneous (Classical)
Taksî (Improvisation au ney/Improvisation on the ney)
Taksîm (Improvisation au kemantché/IMprovisation on the kemanche)
Taksîm (Improvisation au ney/Improvisation on the ney)
Taksîm Farahfaza, for oud & ensemble Miscellaneous (Classical)
The Prison Vocal Music
The River Runs Vocal Music
The Tribes of Avshar Have Decamped Chamber Music
They Are in Prison, But. . . Vocal Music
Turkish war march Miscellaneous (Classical) March
Uçunci Selâm (Troisième/Third salutation) Miscellaneous (Classical)
Üsküdar Miscellaneous (Classical)
Uskuder Miscellaneous (Classical)
What Does He Know? Miscellaneous (Classical)