Toni Härkönen


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Year Album Artist
2016 The Puzzle Dark Sarah Photography
2011 Walking in the Air: The Greatest Ballads Nightwish Band Photo
2009 Manifesto of Sentenced Sentenced Photography
2009 The Days of Grays Sonata Arctica Photography
2008 Almah and Serenity Almah Photography
2007 Buried Alive Sentenced Photography, Cover Photo
2007 Lucidity Delain Photography
2007 Serenity Kotipelto Photography
2007 Seven Sins a Second Sinamore Photography
2007 Trinity Visions of Atlantis Photography
2006 Chaos Ridden Years: Stockholm Knockout Live Children of Bodom Photography
2006 For the Sake of Revenge Sonata Arctica Photography
2006 Lust Stained Despair Poisonblack Photography
2006 Out of the Dark Reflexion Photography
2006 Reformation Kiuas Photography
2006 Tales Along This Road Korpiklaani Photography
2005 Are You Dead Yet? Children of Bodom Photography
2005 Cast Away Visions of Atlantis Photography
2005 Dieversity Entwine Photography
2005 Eternal Endless Infinity Visions of Atlantis Photography
2005 Missbehaviour [Bonus DVD] Photography
2005 The End of This Chapter Sonata Arctica Photography, Band Photo
2004 All That You Fear Impaled Nazarene Photography
2004 Ensiferum Ensiferum Photography
2004 Iron Ensiferum Photography
2004 Once Nightwish Photography
2004 Plague-House Puppet Show Twilightning Photography
2004 Suffer Our Pleasures Tarot Photography
2003 Crucify My Heart Lullacry Photography
2003 Fallen For My Pain... Photography
2003 Hate Crew Deathroll Children of Bodom Photography
2003 Memorybox, Vol. 2 Nightwish Photography
2003 Ocean's Heart Dreamtale Photography
2003 Winterheart's Guild Sonata Arctica Photography
2002 Century Child Nightwish Photography
2002 Pervertigo Throne of Chaos Photography
2002 Suicide by My Side Sinergy Photography
2002 Time of Despair Entwine Photography
2001 Follow the Reaper Children of Bodom Photography
2001 Silence Sonata Arctica Photography
2000 Pitch Black Blues [Bonus Tracks] Cryhavoc Photography
2000 Wishmaster Nightwish Photography
1999 Ecliptica Sonata Arctica Photography
1999 Tuonela Amorphis Photography
1998 Oceanborn Nightwish Photography
1998 Something Wild Children of Bodom Photography
1997 Angels Fall First Nightwish Photography
Behind the Black Veil Dark Sarah Photography
Box Set 1 [Angels Fall First/Oceanborn] Nightwish Photography
Box Set 2 [Wishmaster/Over the Hills and Far Away] Nightwish Photography
Box Set 3 [Century Child/Bless the Child] Nightwish Photography
Two Decades of Greatest Sword Hits Ensiferum Photography