Tom Abbs


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Year Album Artist
2010 Sharks Yuganaut Violin, Cello, Didjeridu, Tuba, Bass
2009 Gigantomachia Naked Future Production Coordination
2009 Live at Cafe Montmartre 1966, Vol. 3 Don Cherry Production Coordination
2009 Lost and Found Tom Abbs Primary Artist, Producer, Member of Attributed Artist, Cello, Tuba, Bass Instrument, Bass, Design, Layout Design, Composer
2009 Rejuvenation Flow Trio Production Coordination
2008 Charles Barnacled Production Coordination
2008 Live in 1965 [ESP] The Holy Modal Rounders Production Coordination
2008 M.G.P. with Sunny Morgan Milford Graves Production Coordination
2008 Solar Forge Totem Production Coordination
2008 Stephane Furic Leibovici: Jugendstil Chris Cheek / Stephane Furic Leibovici / Chris Speed Production Coordination
2008 The Truth About Suffering Jamie Leonhart Main Personnel, Cello, Tuba
2008 Unpop Yximalloo Production Coordination
2007 Inner Constellation, Vol. 1 Bruce Eisenbeil Bass (Acoustic)
2007 Natural/Cultural Forces Warren Smith Bass
2007 Twilight & Ghost Stories Chris Schlarb Main Personnel, Tuba, Bass (Upright), Drums
2006 New Orleans Suite Andrew Lamb Cello, Percussion, Bass
2006 This Musicship Yuganaut Member of Attributed Artist, Violin, Cello, Didjeridu, Tuba, Percussion, Bass, Group Member, Composer
2005 East of Broadway: A Benefit for Fourth Arts Block Fourth Arts Block Bass
2005 The Animated Adventures of Knox Tom Abbs Primary Artist, Liner Notes, Violin, Cello, Flute, Didjeridu, Tuba, Bass, Digital Editing, Design, Visual Concept, Composer
2005 The Beautiful Triptych Myth Member of Attributed Artist, Bass (Upright), Bass, Group Member, Composer
2004 Year of the Endless Moment Moving Form Tuba, Bass
2003 Age of Epoch Fire of Space Bass
2003 Conscription Tom Abbs Primary Artist, Liner Notes, Tuba, Bass
2003 Pilgrimage Andrew Lamb Tuba, Bass
2003 Poets of the Now Ursel Schlicht Tuba, Bass
2003 Still in Movement Steve Swell Arranger, Tuba, Bass, Composer
2003 Titration Active Ingredients Producer, Hi Hat, Bass, Group Member
2003 Triptych Myth Cooper Moore Bass, Composer, Primary Artist
2002 Embracing the Void Assif Tsahar / The Zoanthropic Orchestra Bass, Soloist
2002 The Blackout Speedball Baby Bass (Upright)
2002 You Used to Think Erica Pomerance Production Coordination
2000 Delirium Ori Kaplan Guest Artist, Tuba, Bass, Composer
1999 Not That Different Natalie Douglas Bass
1999 Realms Ori Kaplan / Ori Kaplan Trio Guest Artist, Tuba, Bass
1975 The Will Come, Is Now Ronnie Boykins Production Coordination
1973 Black Beings Frank Lowe Production Coordination
1972 Featuring Pharoah Sanders & Black Harold Sun Ra & His Arkestra Production Coordination
1969 Yodeling Astrologer MIJ Production Coordination
1968 We Are the Levitts Levitts Production Coordination
1967 Indian War Whoop The Holy Modal Rounders Production Coordination
1967 Ritual All 7-70 Alan Sondheim Audio Production, Production Coordination
1967 SHQ Karel Velebny Production Coordination
1967 Sounds of the Ghetto Youth The Har-You Percussion Group Production Coordination
1967 Zitro James Zitro Production Coordination
1966 Live at Cafe Montmartre 1966, Vol. 2 Don Cherry Production Coordination
1966 Music from Europe Gunter Hampel Group Production Coordination
1965 Lowell Davidson Trio Lowell Davidson Trio Production Coordination
1965 Patty Waters Sings Patty Waters Production Coordination
1965 The Call Henry Grimes Production Coordination
1964 Barrage The Paul Bley Quintet Audio Production, Production Coordination
1964 New York Eye & Ear Control Albert Ayler Production Coordination
1964 The Giuseppi Logan Quartet Giuseppi Logan Quartet Production Coordination
1962 Town Hall Concert 1962 Ornette Coleman Production Coordination
Cimposium, Vol. 12 Tuba, Bass
Honeymoon on Saturn Andrew Lamb Tuba, Bass, Group Member
Rejuvenation Voyage Rejuvenation Trio Cello, Bass, Effects
The Hues of Destiny Andrew Lamb Tuba, Trio, Bass