Stefan Betke


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Year Album Artist
2017 Concrete Desert The Bug / Earth Mastering
2017 DJ-Kicks DJ Tennis Composer
2017 Sirens Beate Bartel / Myra Davies / Gudrun Gut Mastering
2016 COW / Chill Out, World! The Orb Mastering
2016 Cory Arcane Kangding Ray Mastering
2016 Departed Glories Biosphere Mastering
2016 Foregrow John Frusciante Mastering
2016 Killer Road Jesse Paris Smith / Soundwalk Collective Mastering
2016 Total Time Doomsquad Mastering
2015 Choose to Be Human Xposed 4heads Mastering
2015 Doppelstern Barbara Morgenstern Mastering
2015 Edition 1 Fennesz / King Midas Sound Mastering
2015 Inner Systems Prequel Tapes Mastering
2015 MG MG Mastering
2015 Sounds From the Far East Soichi Terada Remastering
2014 500m Gut und Irmler Mastering
2014 Description of Problem Pinkcourtesyphone Mastering
2014 The Violet Flame Erasure Mastering
2014 Until Silence Roll the Dice Mastering
2013 History of the Future The Orb Mastering
2013 More Tales from the Orbservatory The Orb / Lee "Scratch" Perry Mastering
2012 A Broken Shape of You Public Lover Mastering
2012 A Forest Christian Löffler Mastering
2012 Death by Misadventure Chymera Mastering
2012 Den Kreidler Mastering
2012 Eight Deadbeat Mastering
2012 SSSS VCMG Mastering
2012 Steingarten: Remixes Pole Composer
2012 The Orbserver in the Star House The Orb Mastering
2011 Adiós Berlin Eduardo Delgado Lopez / Mark Boombastik Mastering
2011 Berlin: City Sounds Step 1 Composer, Producer
2011 Forgetful'ness Natalie Beridze / la / TBA Mastering
2011 Fullscreen Notic Nastic Mastering
2011 In Dust Roll the Dice Mastering, Cut
2011 Konnecting... Fortran 5 / I Start Counting / Komputer Mastering
2011 Romantic Comedy Andreas Reihse Cut
2011 Time Elapsing Handheld Emanuele Errante Mastering, Cut
2011 Tomorrow's World Erasure Mastering
2010 Baustelle Greie Gut Fraktion Mastering
2010 Fan No. 2 Barbara Morgenstern Mastering, Composer, Producer
2010 It's Dark But It's Okay Notic Nastic Mastering
2010 Matador at 21 Composer
2010 Mixes & Maxis Fenin Mastering
2010 Non-Stop Andy Bell Mastering
2010 Pianotapes Bill Wells & Stefan Schneider / Stefan Schneider / Bill Wells Mastering
2010 Zug Conrad Schnitzler Mastering
2009 Alles Gute Pole Composer
2009 Basss Brains Producer, Composer
2009 Last Night the Moon Came Dropping Its Clothes in the Street Jon Hassell Contribution
2009 Rebuilding Vibes El Fog Mastering
2009 Round Black Ghosts, Vol. 2 Compilation Producer, Composer
2009 Strike 100 Mastering
2008 123 Pole Producer, Composer
2008 Cities and Girls Myra Davies Mastering
2008 Dinner Music for Clubbers: Peter Grummich Plays Staubgold Peter Grummich Mastering
2008 Glider The Sight Below Mastering
2008 Gundsø Pellarin Mastering
2008 Heavy Day Falko Brocksieper Mastering
2008 I Know You Know Guther Mastering
2008 Round Black Ghosts Producer, Composer
2008 Si Me Duermo...Choco Mendoza / R. Mendoza / Raul Mendoza Mastering
2008 Solid State Pluxus Mastering
2008 Space Ibiza 2008 Dave Piccioni Mastering
2008 Subway Silence Giovanca Mastering
2008 Till the Old World's Blown Up and a New One is Created Martin Brandlmayr / Werner Dafeldecker / Christian Fennesz Cut
2007 Benny at Home Benny Sings Mastering
2007 Honigpumpe Thomas Fehlmann Mastering
2007 Lost + Found: 1998-2000 Sun Electric Mastering
2007 Sonic Weapons DJ C Mastering
2007 Steingarten Pole Producer, Composer
2007 Steingarten Remixes Pole Producer, Audio Production, Composer
2007 The Opposite Side of the Sea Oren Lavie Remastering, Mastering
2007 World Dub Pastry, Vol. 2 Mastering
2006 Alles Fallt Das Bierbeben Mastering
2006 Cymbalism Forest Jackson Mastering
2006 Eco Skipsapiens Mastering
2006 Foe Destroyer Stephen Beaupré Mastering
2006 Hotel Alba Enders Room Mastering
2006 Jukebox Buddha Mastering
2006 Nuit du Plomb Hanno Leichtmann Mastering
2006 Remixes Four Tet Producer, Composer
2006 Romanian Jazz Mastering
2006 Set Your Center Between Your Parts in Order To Pixel Mastering
2006 Sueño Ignacio Aguilera Bericochea Mastering
2006 The Forest and the Sea Leafcutter John Mastering
2005 +1 Sieg Über die Sonne Mastering
2005 Appleseed Engineer, Mastering
2005 Autoreverse The Tape vs RQM Mastering
2005 Blitzkrieg Pop T.Raumschmiere Engineer, Mastering
2005 Blitzkrieg Pop [Single] T.Raumschmiere Engineer, Mastering
2005 Childish Music Mastering
2005 Circus and Chibuku Present: Yousef & Krafty Kuts Yousef Mastering
2005 City of Dolls Echo Depth Finders Mastering
2005 DE9: Transitions Richie Hawtin Mastering
2005 Details Richard Davis Mastering, Pre-Mastering
2005 Feelin' Dank Bus Mastering
2005 Love for a Strange World Jay Haze Mastering
2005 Marriages Marc Hellner Mastering
2005 Memento Booka Shade Mastering
2005 Minimize to Maximize Mastering
2005 Pure Breed Mongrel Jahcoozi Mastering
2005 Re: Talking About Memories Static Mastering
2005 Sick Like Me T.Raumschmiere Engineer, Audio Engineer, Mastering
2005 Team Kitty-Yo Mastering
2005 World Dub Pastry: A Belearic Reggae Compilation Composer
2004 A Million Brothers (Blah Blah Blah) T.Raumschmiere Producer, Engineer, Mastering
2004 Around the War Sex in Dallas Mastering
2004 Ausland Fleckfumie Mastering
2004 Electronic Panorama Orchestra August Engkilde Mastering
2004 Hitek by Meteosound Mastering
2004 If You Had Stayed Contriva Mixing, Mastering
2004 Liebe Ist Cool Liebe Ist Cool Mastering
2004 Lowflow Thomas Fehlmann Mastering
2004 Nocturnes, False Dawns & Breakdowns Andrew Pekler Mastering
2004 Raumschiff Monika Mastering
2003 42 Mädchen Chica and the Folder Mastering
2003 45/45 Pole Producer, Mastering, Composer
2003 90/90 Pole Producer, Mastering, Composer
2003 Bottle Living [UK CD #2] David Gahan Engineer
2003 Bottle Living [US CD] David Gahan Engineer
2003 Feedback to the Future Mastering
2003 Glaze Transporter Mastering
2003 International DeeJay Gigolos, Vol. 5 Mastering
2003 Megasoft Office 2003 Mastering
2003 Middle of the Road Bus Mastering
2003 Nichts Muss Barbara Morgenstern Producer, Mastering
2003 Pole Pole Producer, Composer, Mastering
2003 Radio Blackout T.Raumschmiere Engineer, Mastering
2003 Seasonal Greetings Mastering
2003 Wunderbra Appleton & Treu Mastering
2002 Expander Mina Mastering
2002 The Asthmatic Worm Mastering
2002 The Only Blip Hop Record You Will Ever Need, Vol. 1 Producer, Composer
2001 8 Eyes (1996-1999) Contriva Mastering
2001 A to B Mina Mastering
2001 American Gigolo Tiga Mastering
2001 Bold Readymade Mastering
2001 Freestyle Files Boxset, Vol. 2 Composer
2001 Hitparade Station 17 Mastering
2001 Komfort.Labor Presents ~scape Pole Composer
2001 Leaf Compilation Susumu Yokota Producer, Composer
2001 Primordia Deadbeat Remastering
2001 R Pole Composer
2001 Sunday Island Glory B Mastering
2001 The John Peel Session Rechenzentrum Mastering
2001 The Perfect Record for the Armchair Traveller Armchair Traveller Mastering
2000 3 Pole Producer, Composer
2000 Chillout Basscapes, Vol. 2 Producer, Composer
2000 Clicks & Cuts Composer
2000 Fjorden Barbara Morgenstern Mastering
2000 I Don't Either Beige Mastering
2000 Staedtizism 1 Composer
1999 2 Pole Producer, Composer
1999 Are You Really Satisfied Now Dakar & Grinser Mastering
1999 Everything Is Nice: Matador Records 10th Anniversary Anthology Composer
1999 Le Catalogue Electronique David Carretta Mastering
1999 One to Three Thomas Fehlmann Mastering
1999 Speculation Plexiq Mastering
1999 Vermona ET 6-1 Barbara Morgenstern Mastering
1998 1 Pole Producer, Writer, Composer
1998 Blech Plexiq Mastering
1998 Deutscher Funk Composer
1998 Freestyle Files, Vol. 4: Crackers Delight Composer
1998 Munich Machine DJ Hell Mastering
1998 On the Continent Cliff Richard Composer
1998 Repeat Repeat Mastering
1998 Composer
1997 Substrata Biosphere Remastering
1992 Microgravity Biosphere Mastering
Caregiver The Mole Mastering
Good Star Dubs MM Studio Mastering
Guliagava Natalie Beridze Mastering
Prescription: Word Sound & Power Ron Trent Remastering
S U U Islaja Mastering
Some Kind of Sign Ernesto Ferreyra Mastering
Sort By Dragging Ulli Bomans Mastering
Temporary Contemporary Repeat Mastering
The Swedish Congo Record Peder Mannerfelt Mastering
Wald Pole Producer, Photography, Composer