Stars in Stereo

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Los Angeles hard rock and pop band fronted by vocalist Bec Hollcraft.
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Los Angeles-based Stars in Stereo make emotive, hard rock-influenced pop music. Featured in the band are Bec Hollcraft (vocals), Jordan McGraw (guitar), Ryan McCormack (bass), and Drew Langan (drums). Formed in 2011, Stars in Stereo came together after McGraw, McCormack, and Langan's previous band, City (Comma) State, broke up and Hollcraft auditioned for the group's next project. Stars in Stereo toured for most of 2012, during which time they debuted the single "The Broken." In 2013, Stars in Stereo released their self-titled debut album, featuring production from Mike Green (Icon for Hire) and Howard Benson (My Chemical Romance, Daughtry).