Sly Fox

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Possibly the least funky Parliament-Funkadelic offshoot, responsible for the Top Ten 1986 pop hit "Let's Go All the Way."
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Just for You
Sly Fox had only one hit, but it was quite a single. In 1986, the duo's "Let's Go All the Way" reached number seven on the Billboard Hot 100 with a thumping drum sound and funky bass. It may have seemed like a lone gem from an anonymous group of now-you-see-them-now-you-don't newcomers, but it was actually the work of Parliament-Funkadelic veteran and session musician Gary "Mudbone" Cooper, along with vocalist Michael Camacho. The duo's debut LP, also titled Let's Go All the Way, was critically panned, and though it went to number 31 on the Billboard 200, it was drenched in filler -- lightweight funk and superficial pop/rock that left no lasting impression. Without any similarly successful follow-up singles, they quickly joined the list of one-hit wonders. Cooper continued with an assortment of P-Funk and solo projects, as well as additional session work with the likes of Jack Bruce, the Black Crowes, Tony Allen, and Digital Underground. Camacho went behind the scenes and can be heard on a handful of the same recordings, as well as on albums by Don Johnson and Bernie Worrell. Camacho worked as an actor and released a vocal album, Just for You, in 2007.