Shawn Ohtani


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Year Album Artist
2013 Dead Human Collection: 25 Years of Death Metal Cannibal Corpse Engineer
2009 Carving Out the Eyes of God Goatwhore Engineer
2009 Evisceration Plague Cannibal Corpse Engineer, Audio Engineer
2008 Fury and Flames Hate Eternal Engineer
2008 Inevitable Collapse in the Presence of Conviction Soilent Green Engineer, Audio Engineer
2007 Icons of Evil Vital Remains Engineer
2007 Malice Through the Eyes of the Dead Engineer
2007 The End of the Hour Paths of Possession Engineer, Audio Engineer
2007 Two (Poverty) Demiricous Engineer, Audio Engineer
2007 Waiting for the Flies Pain Principle Assistant Engineer
2006 Awakening of the Rebel Internal Suffering Engineer
2006 Death Metal Box Engineer, Photography, Guitar, Soloist, Group Member
2006 Enter Deception Cellador Assistant
2006 Kill Cannibal Corpse Engineer
2005 From Your Grave The Absence Assistant Engineer
2005 I, Monarch Hate Eternal Engineer
2005 Promises in Blood Paths of Possession Assistant Engineer
2005 The Design Into the Moat Engineer, Mixing
2005 The World, The Flesh and the Devil Kult Ov Azazel Producer
2004 Deciphering the Soul Council of the Fallen Engineer, Audio Engineer, Photography, Member of Attributed Artist, Guitar, Soloist
2004 Left in Kowloon Premonitions of War Engineer
2002 Intercepting Fist Dim Mak Assistant Engineer
2002 King of All Kings Hate Eternal Assistant Engineer
2002 The Book of Lambs Internecine Engineer
2002 The Will to Kill Malevolent Creation Engineer, Audio Engineer, Guitar, Soloist