Shawn Hatfield


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Year Album Artist
2017 Billions Eskmo Mastering
2015 Bend Youth Jon Ososki Mastering
2015 Sol Eskmo Mastering
2014 Vapor City Archives Machinedrum Mastering
2013 Dreaming into Being Bluetech Mastering
2013 The Old Century Don Peris Mastering
2012 Stunt Rhythms Two Fingers Mastering
2011 Before Fire I Was Against Other People Submerged Mastering
2011 Ducks: Live in NYC Merzbow / Balázs Pándi Mastering
2010 Amongst Villains Breaker / Silent Killer Mastering
2010 Retold Nest Mastering
2009 Marginalized Information Forms, Vol. 3: Other Aspects of Physics Mastering
2008 The Marathon of Shame Top'R Mixing, Mastering
2007 We Walked in Song The Innocence Mission Mastering
2006 Go When the Morning Shineth Don Peris Mastering
2005 When the Detail Lost Its Freedom Brian McBride Mastering
2003 Living Vicariously Through Burnt Bread Twerk Producer
2002 Klang Maschine Producer, Composer
2001 Now I'm Rendered Useless Twerk Composer
2000 Humantics Twerk Producer
1999 Birds of My Neighborhood The Innocence Mission Remastering
1999 Techno Transmissions: Past/Present/Future Mark EG Composer
Appolouge Annodalleb Mastering
At All Angles Winter's Fall Mastering
Downward Facing Dog Lawr Michaels Mastering
Five Echodrone Mastering
Less Famous Than You Corey Dargel Mastering
Lucid Magic Sound Fabric Mastering
Noh Florestano Mastering
Prevailing Perception Yuminale Mastering
Shepherdess Kelli Frances Corrado Mastering
Traps Humans Mastering