Roger Dopson


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Year Album Artist
2016 The Very Best of Peter Green / Peter Green Splinter Group Liner Notes
2014 For the Sake of the Song/Our Mother the Mountain Townes Van Zandt Liner Notes
2014 This Magic Moment: The Sound of the Brill Building Annotation
2013 Boston Fleetwood Mac Liner Notes
2013 British Rock 'n' Roll Legends [Snapper] Billy Fury / Cliff Richard / Marty Wilde Liner Notes, Compiled
2013 Harper Valley P.T.A.: The Plantation Recordings 1968-70 Jeannie C. Riley Liner Notes, Annotation
2013 The Ballads of Pat Boone Pat Boone Reissue Producer, Liner Notes
2013 The Ballads of Ricky Nelson Rick Nelson Reissue Producer, Liner Notes
2013 Truck Stop Sweethearts & C.B. Savages: The Plantation Records Story 1968-1981 Liner Notes, Annotation
2012 Hearts in Their Eyes: Celebrating 50 Years of Harmony & Jangle The Searchers Liner Notes, Project Coordinator
2011 First Taste of Love: Ben E. King & the Drifters 1958-60 The Drifters / Ben E. King / Ben E. King & The Drifters Liner Notes, Annotation
2011 Forty Days Ronnie Hawkins / Ronnie Hawkins & the Hawks Liner Notes
2011 Red Hot! Bob Luman Liner Notes
2011 The Red Bird Story, Vol. 1 Liner Notes, Annotation
2009 Blues from the Roundhouse Alex Korner Compilation Producer, Liner Notes, Annotation
2008 Bell Bottoms, Dreamboats, Tangos and Eskimos Alma Cogan Coordination
2008 Diamonds and Other Gems: The Complete Decca Singles Jet Harris / Jet Harris & Tony Meehan Liner Notes
2008 Drug Stores and Soda Pops: 75 Slabs of Teen Coordination
2008 Jukebox Hits 1946-1954 Wynonie Harris Liner Notes
2008 Just Walkin' in the Rain: The Very Best of Johnnie Ray Johnnie Ray Consultant
2008 Love Songs for Night People Lita Roza Liner Notes
2007 Clapton Is God: The Cream of Early Eric Eric Clapton Coordination
2007 Clog Dance: The Very Best of Violinski Violinski Project Coordinator
2007 Interaction: A Jody Grind Anthology Jody Grind Coordination
2007 Joe Meek's Freakbeat: 30 Freakbeat, Mod and R&B Nuggets Joe Meek Remastering, Compilation Producer, Coordination
2007 Joe Meek: The EP Collection Joe Meek Coordination
2007 Shakin' at the Beeb: The Complete BBC Sessions 1976-1978 The Pirates Coordination
2007 Vampires, Cowboys, Spacemen and Spooks: The Very Best of Joe Meek's Instrumentals Joe Meek Compilation Producer
2007 Your Time Is Gonna Come: The Roots of Led Zeppelin 1964-1969 Coordination
2006 After the Goldrush: The Dawn/Pye Anthology 1973-1977 Prelude Coordination
2006 Anthems in Eden: An Anthology of British & Irish Folk 1955-1978 Project Coordinator
2006 Bad Words and Evil People: The Transatlantic Anthology 1972-73 Skin Alley Coordination
2006 Damage Case: Lemmy Anthology Lemmy Project Coordinator
2006 Donegan on Stage Lonnie Donegan Liner Notes, Annotation
2006 Gonna Bop 'Til I Drop: The Ray Dorset Anthology Ray Dorset Coordination
2006 Green Jeans: The Flee Rekkers Anthology The Flee Rekkers Compilation Producer, Coordination
2006 If I Were the Boss: The Songs of Bruce Springsteen Coordination
2006 Jump Jive and Wail: The Very Best of Bill Wyman's Bootleg Kings Bill Wyman / Bill Wyman's Bootleg Kings Coordination
2006 Kornerstoned: The Alexis Korner Anthology 1954-1983 Alexis Korner Coordination
2006 Let's Submerge: The Anthology X-Ray Spex Coordination
2006 Live in Italy John Renbourn Reissue Coordination
2006 Meet Me On the Corner: The Collection Lindisfarne Coordination
2006 Nobody's Fault But Mine: The John Renbourn Anthology 1966-2005 John Renbourn Coordination
2006 Oh! You Pretty Things: The Songs of David Bowie Coordination
2006 Poor Boy: The Deram Years 1972-1974 Chicken Shack / Stan Webb's Chicken Shack Coordination
2006 Sect Maniax The Downliners Sect Coordination
2006 Sinful Skinful Fickle Pickle Coordination
2006 Strange Situations: Indigo Sessions Stan Webb's Chicken Shack Coordination
2006 The Pye Anthology 1963-1967 [Reissue] The Searchers Coordination
2006 They're in Town: The Pye Anthology The Rockin' Berries Liner Notes, Coordination, Annotation
2006 Time Will Be Your Doctor: Rare Recordings 1971-1972 Tucky Buzzard Coordination
2006 Upon Reflection: The Dawn Anthology Heron Coordination
2006 Willie and the Poor Boys/Tear It Up Willie and the Poor Boys Coordination
2006 Winds of Change Paul King Coordination
2005 Been on the Road So Long: The Anthology Alex Campbell Coordination
2005 Canterbury Tale: Collection Spirogyra Coordination
2005 Forever's No Time at All: The Anthology 1967-2004 Billy Nicholls Coordination
2005 Just for the Record: The Solo Anthology 1969-1976 Andy Roberts Coordination
2005 Let No Man Steal Your Thyme: Anthology Shelagh McDonald Coordination, Reissue Compilation
2005 Men of the World: The Early Years Fleetwood Mac Coordination
2005 Parabola Road: The Anthology Decameron Product Manager
2005 Portrait of a Genius: The RGM Legacy Joe Meek Orchestra Liner Notes
2005 The Albums Sham 69 Coordination
2005 The Very Best of the Yardbirds [Snapper] The Yardbirds Liner Notes
2005 Under the Blossom: The Anthology Tempest Coordination
2005 Where the Time Goes Sandy Denny Coordination
2005 Write My Name in the Dust: Anthology Peter Bardens Coordination
2004 Alive! Terry Reid Coordination
2004 Boogie Woogie Country Gal Linda Gail Lewis Compilation Producer, Product Manager
2004 Doing Their Homework Nine Below Zero Coordination
2004 Flight Recorder: From Pinkertons Assorted Colours To The Flying Machine Pinkerton's Assorted Colours Coordination
2004 Going Up, Going Down...The Anthology 1968-2001 Stan Webb / Stan Webb's Chicken Shack Coordination
2004 Hellhounds on Their Trail: A History of Blues Guitar 1924-2001 [Box Set] Coordination
2004 Innocents & Illusions Renaissance Compilation Producer, Coordination
2004 Journey: The Anthology 1967-1993 Duncan Browne Coordination
2004 Silence Is Golden: The Very Best Of The Tremeloes Coordination
2004 Watch Your Step: The Complete Recordings 1964-1966 Tony Jackson Coordination
2003 1963: The Soundtrack Coordination
2003 1964: The Soundtrack Coordination
2003 1965: The Soundtrack Coordination
2003 1966: The Soundtrack Coordination
2003 1967: The Soundtrack Coordination
2003 40th Anniversary Collection The Searchers Coordination
2003 As Cold as a Landlord's Heart Raymond Froggatt Coordination
2003 Baby She's Gone Jack Scott Coordination
2003 Black Rat Swing Jo Ann Kelly Coordination
2003 Blowing the Blues: A History of Blues Harmonica Coordination
2003 Blues Legends in London Sonny Terry & Brownie McGhee Coordination
2003 Bright Lights Big City: The Collectors' Duster Bennett Duster Bennett Coordination
2003 Buxton '95: The Alexis Korner Memorial Concert Coordination
2003 Don't Worry 'Bout the Bear Coordination
2003 Don't You Think It's Time: R&R Hits from the 60s & 70s Mike Berry Coordination
2003 Drunk & Nutty: Hillbillies Foolin' With the Blues Coordination
2003 Fallen Angels Phil May / Phil May & the Fallen Angels Liner Notes, Coordination, Annotation
2003 Happy-Go-Lucky Me: The Paul Evans Songbook Paul Evans Liner Notes, Annotation
2003 Harmonica Man: Anthology Paul Lamb Coordination
2003 Hellbound Train Live: 1969-1972 Savoy Brown Coordination
2003 I Put a Spell on You and Other Great Hits Alan Price Compilation Producer
2003 In Grand Style: The Otis Grand Collection Otis Grand Coordination
2003 Jump! Riot Squad Liner Notes, Annotation
2003 Live at the 100 Club Paul Lamb Coordination
2003 Live at the Boston Tea Party, Vol. 1 Fleetwood Mac Compilation Producer, Reissue Producer, Liner Notes
2003 Live at the Boston Tea Party, Vol. 2 Fleetwood Mac Compilation Producer, Reissue Producer, Liner Notes
2003 Live at the Boston Tea Party, Vol. 3 Fleetwood Mac Compilation Producer, Liner Notes
2003 Live! Blueswailing July '64 The Yardbirds Coordination
2003 Pye Blues Legends in London Big Bill Broonzy / Brownie McGhee / Sonny Terry / Josh White Compilation Producer, Coordination
2003 Rockin' the Roadshow John Mayall Coordination
2003 Shape of Things: 60s Groups and Sessions Jeff Beck Coordination
2003 Sugar Babe Jimmy Powell Coordination
2003 That's All Right Mama Albert Lee Coordination
2003 The Devil's Music Coordination
2003 The Big Bear Sessions Homesick James Williamson Coordination
2003 This Guitar Kills: More 60s Groups & Sessions Jimmy Page Coordination
2003 Time Machine: Anthology 1970-1977 Stray Compilation Producer, Coordination
2003 We Love the Pirates Coordination
2003 We're Gonna Rock: The Essential Cecil Gant Cecil Gant Coordination
2003 What a Way to End It All: The Anthology Deaf School Coordination
2003 Wreckin' Live The Meteors Coordination
2002 Ain't Nobody's Business: Essential [Import] Jimmy Witherspoon Coordination
2002 Feel So Fine: The Mercury Recordings 1959-1962 Johnny Preston Liner Notes, Coordination, Compilation Coordinator, Annotation
2002 Geordie Boy: Anthology Alan Price Coordination
2002 He Used To Be an Animal: the Eric Burdon Collection Eric Burdon Compilation Producer, Coordination
2002 Jet Propelled: The 1978 Comeback [2 Disc] Carl Perkins Coordination
2002 Jumping at Shadows: The Blues Years Fleetwood Mac Compilation Producer
2002 Live, Wild, Red Hot 'N' Rockin Wild Angels Coordination
2002 Love Me Forever Marion Ryan Liner Notes
2002 Meat & Gravy from Bea & Baby Coordination
2002 Mockin' Bird Hill: The Pye Anthology The Migil 5 Liner Notes
2002 Rainbow: The Decca Years Marmalade Liner Notes
2002 Remembering John Leyton: The Anthology John Leyton Coordination
2002 Ridin' the Wind: The Anthology The Tornados Coordination
2002 She Flies Like a Bird: The Anthology Honeybus Coordination
2002 The Alchemist of Pop: Home Made Hits and Rarities 1959-1966 Joe Meek Coordination
2002 The Pye Anthology David Garrick Coordination, Annotation
2002 Time and Place Lee Moses Coordination
2002 Who Do You Love: The Anthology Juicy Lucy Compilation Producer, Coordination
2002 Who's Sorry Now: The Hits Collection Connie Francis Liner Notes
2001 Ain't That Funny: The Pye Anthology Jimmy Justice Compilation Producer, Coordination, Annotation
2001 Beatles Blues [Indigo] Compilation Producer, Coordination
2001 Collection Michael Ball Liner Notes
2001 Counting Teardrops Emile Ford & the Checkmates Liner Notes
2001 Go Away Little Girl: The Pye Anthology Mark Wynter Coordination, Compiled
2001 Joe Meek's Groups: Crawdaddy Simone Joe Meek Liner Notes
2001 Pat's 40 Big Ones Pat Boone Liner Notes, Annotation
2001 Red Bird Story [3 CD] Liner Notes, Annotation
2001 Spanish Harlem Jimmy Justice Liner Notes
2000 Anthology Family Compilation Producer, Liner Notes
2000 Definitive Collection [Recall] Del Shannon Liner Notes
2000 Dino: Golden Years Dean Martin Annotation
2000 I See the Rain: The CBS Years Marmalade Liner Notes
2000 Looking Through: The Ultimate Collection Gene Pitney Liner Notes
2000 Melting Pot: The Very Best of Blue Mink Blue Mink Liner Notes
2000 Natural Born Bugie: The Immediate Years Humble Pie Liner Notes
2000 Out of Time: The Immediate Anthology Chris Farlowe Liner Notes
2000 Rockabilly Rules: At Their Best Live Stray Cats Composer, Compilation Producer, Liner Notes
2000 Still Shakin' The Pirates Liner Notes
2000 Talking Guitar Blues: The Very Best of Lonnie Donegan [Castle] Lonnie Donegan Liner Notes, Reissue Coordination, Annotation
2000 Tenor 1917-1999: Goodbye Josef Locke Liner Notes, Annotation
2000 The Black Sheep of the Family: The Anthology Fat Mattress Coordination
2000 Tim Rose/Love: A Kind of Hate Story Tim Rose Liner Notes
1999 Baby Now That I've Found You The Foundations Liner Notes
1999 Charly R&B Masters, Vol. 4: Honey in Your Hips The Yardbirds Liner Notes, Annotation
1999 Harpin' on a Riff: The Best of Charlie Musselwhite Charlie Musselwhite Liner Notes
1999 In Search of Mythical Kings (The U.A. Years) Dory Previn Liner Notes
1999 Music in a Doll's House/Family Entertainment Family Liner Notes
1999 The Essential Sun Collection Jerry Lee Lewis Compilation Producer
1999 The R&B Years Chris Farlowe Liner Notes, Annotation
1998 All the Great Hits Jimmy Buffett Liner Notes
1998 Anthology Sammy Hagar Liner Notes
1998 Brothers in Rhythm The Everly Brothers Liner Notes
1998 Cadence Collection Andy Williams Liner Notes
1998 Freakbeat Freakout Compilation Producer, Liner Notes
1998 Gene Pitney Sings Just for You/World Wide Winners Gene Pitney Liner Notes
1998 Golden Greats/This Is Gene Pitney Gene Pitney Liner Notes
1998 Major League: The Collectors' Ivy League The Ivy League Compilation Producer, Liner Notes
1998 Princess of Britpop [Sequel] Sandie Shaw Compilation Producer
1998 Take It: Sessions '63-'68 Ritchie Blackmore Photography, Memorabilia
1998 Ten Years Later/New Sounds of Gene Pitney Gene Pitney Liner Notes
1998 Tenderly James Last Liner Notes
1998 The Pye Anthology: Let the Heartaches Begin Long John Baldry Liner Notes, Coordination, Annotation
1998 The Very Best of Curiosity Killed the Cat Curiosity Killed the Cat Liner Notes
1998 Through the Eyes of Patsy Cline Patsy Cline Liner Notes
1998 You've Got to Be Loved The Montanas Liner Notes
1997 25 Very Rare Masters from the Sixties Liner Notes
1997 At Their Best Honeybus Liner Notes
1997 Blue Gene/Gene Meets the Fair Young Ladies of Folkland Gene Pitney Liner Notes
1997 Early Years Joe Meek Compilation Producer
1997 Greatest Hits Live! The Animals Reissue Coordination
1997 I'm Gonna Be Strong/Looking Through the Eyes of Love Gene Pitney Liner Notes
1997 Many Sides of Gene Pitney/Only Love Can Break a Heart Gene Pitney Liner Notes
1997 Martyrs & Madmen: The Best of Roger Daltrey Roger Daltrey Engineer
1997 Sings the Great Songs of Our Time/Nobody Needs Your Love Gene Pitney Liner Notes
1997 The Very Best of Fairground Attraction Featuring Eddi Reader Fairground Attraction Liner Notes
1997 The Very Best of the Drifters [Camden] The Drifters Liner Notes
1997 Young and Warm and Wonderful/Just One Smile Gene Pitney Liner Notes
1996 Joe Meek Presents 304 Holloway Road Joe Meek Compilation Producer, Photography, Liner Notes
1996 The Best of Blancmange Blancmange Liner Notes
1996 The Voice That Got Away: Timi Yuro, Vol. 2 Timi Yuro Liner Notes
1996 This Is My Bag/Total Commitment Del Shannon Liner Notes
1996 Toe Fat/Toe Fat II Toe Fat Information
1995 American R&B Hits, Vol. 1 (Feelin' Good) Liner Notes
1995 As Time Goes By [Charly] Liner Notes
1995 Chronicles, 1968-1984 Dave Edmunds Liner Notes
1995 Count the Days Inez & Charlie Foxx Liner Notes
1995 Gerry Cross the Mersey: All the Hits of Gerry & the Pacemakers Gerry & the Pacemakers Liner Note Source
1995 Hey Little Girl Dee Clark Liner Notes
1995 Immediate R&B: Charly R&B Masters, Vol. 8 Liner Notes
1995 Just Like Eddie: The Heinz Anthology Heinz Compilation Producer, Coordination
1995 Live on the Test Graham Parker Liner Notes
1995 The Collection Connie Francis Liner Notes
1995 We Want Billy!/Billy Billy Fury Liner Notes
1994 Dream Babes, Vol. 1: Am I Dreaming? Coordination, Research
1994 Mothballs Steve Howe / The Syndicats Liner Notes
1994 The Best of the Dreamlovers: The Heritage Years Plus... The Dreamlovers Liner Notes
1994 The Philly Years Teddy Pendergrass Liner Notes
1994 The Piccadilly Story Liner Notes
1993 Buddy's Buddys: The Buddy Holly Songbook Liner Notes
1993 Golden Lights Twinkle Liner Notes
1993 Singles Roy Wood Liner Notes
1993 The Lost Voice of Soul! Timi Yuro Liner Notes
1992 1962-1973 Neil Christian / Neil Christian & the Crusaders Coordination
1992 3 CD Box Set James Last Liner Notes
1992 30th Anniversary Collection The Searchers Liner Notes
1992 Greatest Hits Brenda Russell Liner Notes
1992 Stuff Bill Wyman Reissue Coordination, Reissue Compilation
1991 Black Claw & Country Fever Albert Lee Liner Notes
1991 Hello Mary Lou Ricky Nelson Liner Notes
1991 Jagger/Richard Songbook Compilation Research
1990 Don't Bring Me Down: The Decca Years The Animals Coordination
1989 EP Collection Manfred Mann Liner Notes
1988 Good Time Down the Road Brian Knight Compilation Producer, Coordination
1988 John Renbourn's Ship of Fools John Renbourn's Ship of Fools / John Renbourn Reissue Coordination
1988 Post Modern Blues Enemy Within Coordination
1988 Tokoloshe Man John Kongos Liner Notes
1987 Rarities Johnny Kidd & the Pirates Liner Notes
1987 The EP Collection The Hollies Liner Notes
1986 Labyrinth [From the Original Soundtrack of the Jim Henson Film] Trevor Jones Engineer
1985 Rock Island Line: The Singles Anthology 1955-1967 Lonnie Donegan Coordination
1984 Alf Alison Moyet Assistant Engineer
1983 Kolors Peter Green Reissue Coordination
1983 Shampoo Haircut and Shave Mickey Jupp Liner Notes
1983 The Kevin Ayers Collection Kevin Ayers Liner Notes
1983 The Reunion Concert The Everly Brothers Coordination
1983 Wreckin' Crew The Meteors Coordination
1982 Bill Wyman Bill Wyman Reissue Coordination, Reissue Compilation
1981 Let the Thunder Cry Jim Capaldi Compilation Producer, Coordination
1981 Whatcha Gonna Do? Peter Green Coordination, Reissue Coordination
1981 White Sky Peter Green Coordination
1980 What's the Word The Fabulous Thunderbirds Liner Notes
1979 Do It Yourself Ian Dury / Ian Dury & the Blockheads Liner Notes
1979 In the Skies Peter Green Reissue Coordination
1978 Sundown Lonnie Donegan Coordination
1978 True Love Stories Jilted John Liner Notes
1977 Damned Damned Damned The Damned Coordination
1977 Get Up and Boogie with Silver Convention: Their Greatest Hits The Silver Convention Liner Notes
1977 New Boots and Panties!! Ian Dury Liner Notes
1976 Hearts of Fire Stray Coordination
1976 Houdini Stray Coordination
1976 Stone Alone Bill Wyman Coordination, Reissue Compilation
1975 Fingertips Duster Bennett Coordination
1975 Handsome Kilburn & the High Roads Liner Notes
1975 Nervous on the Road/The New Favourites of Brinsley Schwarz Brinsley Schwarz Liner Notes
1975 One Fing 'n' Anuvver Chas & Dave Annotation
1975 Ready for Eddie Eddie Taylor Coordination
1975 Reinforcements Brian Auger's Oblivion Express Coordination
1975 Stand Up and Be Counted Stray Coordination
1975 Subtle as a Flying Mallet Dave Edmunds Liner Notes
1975 Two Sides of the Moon Keith Moon Coordination
1974 Between Today and Yesterday Alan Price Coordination
1974 Big John's Boogie Big John Wrencher Reissue Coordination
1974 Burglar Freddie King Liner Notes
1974 Move It Stray Coordination
1973 Bananamour Kevin Ayers Liner Notes
1973 In Memory of Robert Johnson Paul Williams Liner Notes
1973 Mudanzas Stray Coordination
1972 Saturday Morning Pictures Stray Coordination
1971 Present Company Janis Ian Liner Notes
1971 Suicide Stray Coordination
1970 Both Sides Alexis Korner Coordination
1970 Shooting at the Moon Kevin Ayers / Kevin Ayers & the Whole World Liner Notes
1970 Stray Stray Coordination
1969 Family Entertainment Family Liner Notes
1969 Joy of a Toy Kevin Ayers Liner Notes
1969 Live at PJ's Timi Yuro Liner Notes
1969 Move Over for Terry Reid Terry Reid Liner Notes
1968 Bang, Bang You're Terry Reid Terry Reid Liner Notes
1968 Music in a Doll's House Family Liner Notes
1968 New Generation of Blues Alexis Korner Coordination
1967 The Explosive Little Richard Little Richard Liner Notes
1967 The Thoughts of Emerlist Davjack The Nice Liner Notes
1966 Sky High Alexis Korner / Alexis Korner's Blues Incorporated Coordination
1965 Stakes & Chips The Roulettes Liner Notes
1963 Presenting: The Bachelors The Bachelors Liner Notes
1963 The Guitar Player Davy Graham Coordination
1960 Bad Boy Marty Wilde Liner Notes
1955 The 1955 London Sessions Big Bill Broonzy Compilation Producer, Coordination
Lipstick on Your Collar Connie Francis Liner Notes
Move It Cliff Richard Liner Notes
Nine Times Out of Ten: Rock 'n' Roll Years 1958-1960 Cliff Richard Liner Notes, Annotation
Teddy Boy Boogie Crazy Cavan & the Rhythm Rockers Liner Notes, Annotation
The Joe Brown Story: The Piccadilly/Pye Anthology Joe Brown Liner Notes
The Very Best Of Peter Green Splinter Group Peter Green Splinter Group Liner Notes